summer loves....

ok, so again, even though i am still half failing miserably at updating this thing, i have a few quick updates and then some awesome etsy finds.

i keep talking about fixing up kate cotten designs on etsy, and have yet to do it. so i think instead of adding it to the ever-growing to-do list, i am just (sadly!) going to put it off til the new year. i know that sounds forever away. BUT, two months, then two weekends in a row is dave & i's respective "bachelor/bachelorette" weekends. then im going to dallas. then the wedding. then honeymoon. then thanksgiving. then belated reception. then daves birthday. then christmas. then new year. so were going to be slammed, and i am tired of pretending i am going to update kate cotten when the chances are slim! SO, instead i am going to hold on to all my pictures and new items to list, and wait it out, or at least see what happens. who knows, i could end up eating my words and get bored next weekend and upload it all. we shall see, but dont hold your breath.

more and more things are getting crossed off the list for the wedding. and its pretty exciting! the days just seem to be flying by! plus, random coolness-- on tuesday we went up to this show put on by DCI (drum corps international) called Thunder in the Desert with jefferson, ashley, patrick, and tryann. and it was pretty cool. it was nice to get out and do something different! plus, noah and charlotte were being extra precious. and then we headed to the cox's but not before we picked up starbucks of course! and then....we taste-tested some dessert goodies for the wedding. and can i just say (yes, just one more time!) that whimsyandspice is AMAZING. dave is in LOVE with their hazelnut whiskey sandwich cookies, and i would kill for their coconut 5 spice cookies or black pepper and rose thumbprint cookies! and we both viciously fought over their dulce de leche espresso brownies! i STRONGLY suggest for you foodies out there, or hell! those of you who have a sweet tooth, definitely check them out. their goodies may sound intimidating, but seriously, probably some of the best cookies i have ever had!

ok, and now on to the fun stuff! after scouring etsy for hours upon hours for wedding stuff, i have found even more of the coolest stuff ever. and decided to share just a few of my favorites! enjoy!

bohemian vintage 70s wallet purse by tialeyvintage

alice finds a cobalt room tiered dessert tray by orangeandblossom.

cinderella, your carriage awaits vintage book page by LoveElizabeth.

squirrel couple by melabo.

vintage enamel, 1970's boho bangle bracelet by bethtastic.

free at last - textile wall art by bubbleandboo.

purple rain pansy cluster headband by JustLiv.

vintage hand mirror shabby chic by suesuegonzalas.

vintage red suede bow back heels by PorcelainThreads.

la paon grande necklace by whiteowl.

random smattering...

ok, so i have totally failed on the blog. its not that i forget, or do not want to, i just dont seem to have enough time for anything lately!

but, good news is, this week alone, we have accomplished the centerpieces for the tables for the wedding reception (thanks to my mom, cause she totally rocks and found all these great vases!), daves suit, and talked to the jeweler and picked out his ring, and figured out how were going to make my ring and band work together. and let me tell you, just that has taken a TON of stress of my shoulders. i am finally starting to breathe a little easier!

so, because of my lack of time, and lack of creativity at the moment, i just wanted to share a random smattering of adorable etsy finds that i have recently come across! enjoy!

el medano porcelain ring by MaaPstudio.

alas by ohmycavalier.

mama and baby birdie vase by redhotpottery.

dainty parnassia solitaire by PearlEverlasting.

tiny little vintage bottles by blueeyeddesigner.

woman's head sculpture shadow box by sofralma.