anthropologie and wild things

today, being inspired by shopping on everyones baby and wedding registries, i started scouring the web for cute home decor ideas i could use to spruce up the house. so, i decided to put together a few of my favorite decor items from one of my favorite stores. the always super vintage chic: anthropologie. enjoy!

i want it! i love the juxtaposition of the quirky scrolls
and the industrial masculine vibe.

i think the colors in this rug are amazing.
i have no idea where i would put it. but in my dream land
this would go in my living room over dark hardwood floors.

i adore the shape of this chair. its so awkward
and inviting all at the same time.

these look like something my great grandmother had.
i dont know what my deal is lately, but if its vintage, its in.

no idea why i love this so much. i think because
to me, its reminiscent of where the wild things are.

i think i love the androgynous look. its super chic
and looks like it belongs in a mans office.

my absolute favorite. i want this so bad i dream about it.
too bad its only six grand. guess i should go buy a lotto ticket.

ps: did you hear theres a "where the wild things are" movie coming out in october? call me a loser, but i am so there. dave and i already told ash and jefferson that we want to take noah! i have recently had the pleasure of rereading it with noah, and looking at the pictures in the book again and watching the movie is astounding. the wild things look perfect. check out the trailer. you will be surprised at how kick ass it looks.

the ugly truth

last night was a win on all account. we had such a blast. we double dated with jefferson and ashley. how could it not be awesome with true blood, alcoholic beverages, jorges, movie, starbucks, and driving aimlessly like high schoolers. ahh, to be young again.

go see the ugly truth. right now. do it. it was freakin hilarious. me and ash practically had to drag dave and jefferson kicking and screaming (or with promises of scotch and mexican food) and even they loved it. let me just tell you now. it is dirty and raunchy. way dirty and way raunchy - thus, hysterical. and i am with ash. there is one part in the movie where we were both laughing so hard we were gasping for air. i cannot remember the last time i laughed so hard i cried in a movie. it was amazing. plus, katherine heigl is adorable. and lets face it, gerard butler is not too hard to look at. but then again, i do have a teensy (and by teensy i mean major) crush on him. im just saying.

i figured as long as i am recommending movies, im sure most have seen it so far. but go see the hangover. hilarity will ensue from minute one until credits role. classic gen x movie. but amazingly hilarious none the less. i have to admit i even loved it more than anchorman, dodgeball, old school. all of those. plus, how can it not be amazing with a mike tyson cameo? dave was impressed to say the least.

also, again with the tv/movie theme of this post, we bought season one of weeds this weekend, and i think i am going to start watching it tonight if i can work up the courage. we saw the first few episodes ages ago, when it was freshly on tv. but we never stuck with it for some reason. i remember thinking it was funny. but with all the hype surrounding it, we caved and bought it. i hope its as good as promised.

quick post! i thought of sharing some pictures of wedding ideas and getting opinions, but i would feel really pathetic when no one responded. so im gonna make this short and sweet.

it was a good weekend. albeit, i could use an extra days rest. but it was fun. friday we went to dos amigos and black gold (which totally blows). which was entertaining to say the least. between the rumors the guys started at the reunion, and drunken dancing. it was definitely an...experience.

saturday, we got up and went to cracker barrel with ash and jefferson and noah. which was of course, as usual...delicious. coffee and grits. total win. and then we popped on over to the new babies'r'us/toys'r'us. which was actually quite awesome. some of these new toys they i remember the days when it was trains, ninja turtles, and nerf guns. and then adorable noahbug passed out on the way back. super precious. and dave hates it when noahs super precious cause then i always bug him about when can we have a baby.

saturday night, babysat noah, and in the process of reading a house for a hermit crab, i accidently inspired the sentence "dada has crabs" whoops! sorry guys! and apparently, im an extra bad influence, ash said she can always tell when ive been around noah because he says "eek!" and "oh no!" a lot. yikes. better expand my vocabulary. anywho, then dave came over to hang out with me when he got off and we watched some ridiculous animal shows. made me cringe and laugh. untamed and uncut, i think was the name of the show, or something along those lines.

yesterday was daves brothers birthday. we went over to their parents and had ribs and such. it was neat. his dad is a great chef. always delicious meals when we go over there. lots of people over there too! noah and i spent the first half playing hide and seek in th guest bedroom. and then we played horseshoes (well, i chatted and watched the guys play horseshoes) and then we tailgated a bit. and then we went over and watched true blood and hung (my new tv obsessions!)

and today, date night! which of course, i am super looking forward to! especially since dave will be at the cox's ranch all weekend with the guys for his brothers bachelor party were they will be hunting, slaughtering, cooking, and eating god-knows-what and drinking more than most should consume in a year. riding horses, paint balling, and basically, creating drunken mayhem.

and on art note: the new painting almost finished painting. still needs some work. im not totally sold on it yet. and it needs a name.

good girls go bad...

its thursday. which means its almost friday. which means its almost the weekend. in turn, im in a good mood. so i decided to share of my favorite things of the moment...

trapp candles: sexy cinnamon. different and way better than regular
old cinnamon. its a bit of a fall scent, but i am in love. they smell heavenly.

i know, i know. its the middle of summer. BUT I CANT HELP IT.
venti one pump mocha, please. delicious. my weakness.
im at starbucks nearly every day. damn you delicious caffeine!

the time traveler's wife. i figure since it is going to be made into
a movie, i should definitely read it first. i got it last night when we
went to b&n. im already addicted. seriously. its that good.

my super awesome target fringe flip-flops.
dave got them for me :) he loves my inner hippie.
i do have an intense love affair with all things retro.

and then theres cobra starship. and their new song with
leighton meester. "good girls go bad" is in my head nearly 24-7.
its a strong love/hate relationship.

tomorrow all the guys are in a golf tournament and last year dave and zeke were partners. and they were also the only team in the whole tournament who decided to dress for the occasion and be twins. so they wore matching black pants, boots, and polo shirts. they looked amazingly ridiculous. and this year, of course they have to top themselves. so they brainstormed all the past week and we went shopping last night. and then i had to spend hours late into the night perfecting their outfits for them. now, let me just say...its good. real good. they look awesome. awesomely horrible. and by awesomely horrible i mean completely pathetic and ridiculous. and i even snapped a pretty little pic. BUT, since its a "secret" i cannot share until tomorrow. but beware dear friends, youre in for a treat! ok fine, fine...the suspense is going to kill you? ill give you one hint: knickers.

and not that i dont completely adore my dear fiance. but dave didnt have to work last night because of the weather, and he totally #$%! my plans. but we did have a nice evening. i mean, how can it not be an awesome evening when i drop $70 at barnes & noble and i got starbucks :) but tonight, i am damned determined to get some things done! (if the time traveler's wife doesnt distract me) i still need to grocery shop, throw in some laundry, and finish my skeleton mermaid painting. plus...DONT LAUGH! so you think you can dance is on tonight :) and i still need to watch last nights so i know whats going on! wish me luck dear readers. and look forward to next week, theres gonna be a kick ass give-away.

ashley dawn just emailed me a copy of the midnight sun draft. and thats why i adore her. but seriously, its amazing. ive read it twice before. but for anyone else who has read twilight...if you dont know already, midnight sun it is the fifth installment of the series. but it is the twilight book just in edwards point of view. it is really, really amazing. i love reading it from both sides. and there are some awesome plot lines that you never expect. LOVE it. if anyone wants a copy, let me know and ill email it to you.

ariel, meet your demise.

so heres the story. as most people can say, you find inspiration in the most bizarre places. i just happened to be watching tv and the little mermaid came on, and needless to say the next painting (about 60% complete thus far, hopefully ill finish it tonight) is a red headed mermaid...skeleton style. dont judge. i do not actually want to kill off ariel. i mean, c'mon, the little mermaid is classic disney! she just inspired me, so thats a compliment, right?

anywho, and for any of you who follow my twitter as well, already know, but this morning, there was the most ridiculous storm. i have to admit i was scared to death. and i LOVE storms, and rainy days. but the lightening was outta control. it stuck down less then 100 yards in front of the building here at work. i almost fell out of my chair i jumped so high. and then i was terrified to drive to meet zeke and dave for lunch because my car does not like puddles. and i dont like driving in storms because of all the assholes in big diesel trucks that like to run me off the road. but whatever, i flipped the finger, yelled out a few choice words, and successfully got to lunch. and after a bite of a hamburger company burger with some lousiana sauce, i was doing JUST fine.

in more exciting news, wedding planning is ACTUALLY starting to come under way. im pretty hyped. i wouldnt call it a traditional wedding because, well, dave and i are anything but traditional. but it will be classy and beautiful, and the location is one close to my heart. so wish us luck, were going to sit down tonight after work and hash out some details! and its all of our friends 10 year high school reunion, so a lot of our friends are coming in town for that. well, actually their reunion revolt i should say. their skipping the actual planned reunion to hold a reunion revolt in the bar in the same hotel. always a good idea, guys. so there will be a lot of loud, drunken, shenanigans this weekend, always something to look forward to.

in other news....a few of my favorite things on etsy....check it out, you wont be sorry.

tinkerbell ballet flats by spirocreations
i am coveting these. i want these in purple for my wedding shoes! seriously.

i want it! vintage octopus necklace by cosmicfirefly

is this not super kick ass? you know its awesome! Koro light by poaplum

owl candlesticks/bud vases by laurawallstaylor
ive already ordered two pair :) the robins egg blue and the celadon.
i love love LOVE them. (and so does dave!)

im also excited, because as soon as i get off work, im going to get me a pair of castros. i have wanted some for the LONGEST time. and dave just called and said they had some, but since i want to double check the size, im gonna run up there after work and make a purchase :) and then grocery shopping because i put it off yesterday and painted instead. auf weidersehn!

im baaack. clever title, huh?

my oh my, what a hiatus.

but, im back dear readers. i know, i know...let the sighs of relief and applause commence!

lets see, nothing exciting to share from such a long break. i honestly, ::gasp:: just pretty much forgot about blogging. but im back with a vengeance! i will tell you all though, the jewelry making bizz has been put on the back burner. i missed the creative liberties and freedom that come with a blank canvas, acrylic paints, and new brushes. not that i dont love making the bracelets, but i can only do so much with a 1x1 inch wooden medallion. PLUS! i have been reinspired by all things macabre and day of the dead. so beware. but let me just fill you in on some facts and enlighten those that do not know, before everyone thinks im crazy and obsessed with death.

Wikipedia says: The Day of the Dead (El Dia de los Muertos or All Souls' Day) is a holiday celebrated in Mexico and by Latinos (and others) living in the United States and Canada. The holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died. One of my favorite quotes about Dia de los Muertos..."Day of the Dead is not a careless or fearless confrontation of death. It is a moment to reflect upon one’s life and the cycle of life and death."

so as you can definitely not sitting in a dark room, listening to fall out boy, trying to cut myself with fiskar scissors. quite the opposite! lately it has been a lot of me sitting on the floor watching season 1 of either gossip girl or true blood (watch it, i dare you) surrounding by a lot of paints, brushes, and canvases. and if im not painting im probably over at jefferson and ashleys loving on noah or playing board games. with starbucks, of course. nearly every time i see her we have to have starbucks. which, i am totally ok with. are three new canvases ive done in the last two weeks...sorry the pictures are shitty. theyre with my iphone and the colors are warped. ill be taking better pictures soon so i can post them up on etsy.

first, The Macabre Date. the picture is cropped a bit off.
but you get the idea. i am loving the neon colors.

second, so far untitled, but i am assuming, just "Dia de Los Muertos" or something about an altar. who knows. lets just leave it as untitled. im sad about this picture because in reality the colors are very rich, i adore it. this is going to be screen printed on tshirts, im hyped.

third, also untitled, because it is still in the works. i am currently lightening up the background and i think im going to change the color of the fish on the "cheeks" because its too close to the shells at the bottom. but still...a sneak peek.

also, in exciting news i am trying to convince dave to be a co-conspirator with me on a new etsy shop idea. im pretty hyped about it. and by new etsy shop idea, i mean a collaboration of the minds, he is an AMAZING painter for anyone who didnt know! and his art is realistic. he can take a photograph, and recreate it beautifully. i am in awe of him all the time, and this just adds to it. and i prefer to stick with my rudimentary pop-art-esque style. so were brainstorming right now. im really looking forward to our first project together. some of my most prized possessions are some pieces he did for me. including, a charcoal sketch of me, a quick pencil drawing he did of me while i was napping one day, and a glass etching of the two of us. i know, i know, im a lucky gal. ::swoon:: so keep an eye out, because with both of our "retro-vintage-skeleton-rock-indie-punk" taste, it is sure to be interesting!

ill blog again tomorrow at the latest, (our hours long monopoly game while watching the hangover last night means im gonna try and get in a cat nap this afternoon before i start working on the paintings) but i meant it when i said im back with a vengeance!