ariel, meet your demise.

so heres the story. as most people can say, you find inspiration in the most bizarre places. i just happened to be watching tv and the little mermaid came on, and needless to say the next painting (about 60% complete thus far, hopefully ill finish it tonight) is a red headed mermaid...skeleton style. dont judge. i do not actually want to kill off ariel. i mean, c'mon, the little mermaid is classic disney! she just inspired me, so thats a compliment, right?

anywho, and for any of you who follow my twitter as well, already know, but this morning, there was the most ridiculous storm. i have to admit i was scared to death. and i LOVE storms, and rainy days. but the lightening was outta control. it stuck down less then 100 yards in front of the building here at work. i almost fell out of my chair i jumped so high. and then i was terrified to drive to meet zeke and dave for lunch because my car does not like puddles. and i dont like driving in storms because of all the assholes in big diesel trucks that like to run me off the road. but whatever, i flipped the finger, yelled out a few choice words, and successfully got to lunch. and after a bite of a hamburger company burger with some lousiana sauce, i was doing JUST fine.

in more exciting news, wedding planning is ACTUALLY starting to come under way. im pretty hyped. i wouldnt call it a traditional wedding because, well, dave and i are anything but traditional. but it will be classy and beautiful, and the location is one close to my heart. so wish us luck, were going to sit down tonight after work and hash out some details! and its all of our friends 10 year high school reunion, so a lot of our friends are coming in town for that. well, actually their reunion revolt i should say. their skipping the actual planned reunion to hold a reunion revolt in the bar in the same hotel. always a good idea, guys. so there will be a lot of loud, drunken, shenanigans this weekend, always something to look forward to.

in other news....a few of my favorite things on etsy....check it out, you wont be sorry.

tinkerbell ballet flats by spirocreations
i am coveting these. i want these in purple for my wedding shoes! seriously.

i want it! vintage octopus necklace by cosmicfirefly

is this not super kick ass? you know its awesome! Koro light by poaplum

owl candlesticks/bud vases by laurawallstaylor
ive already ordered two pair :) the robins egg blue and the celadon.
i love love LOVE them. (and so does dave!)

im also excited, because as soon as i get off work, im going to get me a pair of castros. i have wanted some for the LONGEST time. and dave just called and said they had some, but since i want to double check the size, im gonna run up there after work and make a purchase :) and then grocery shopping because i put it off yesterday and painted instead. auf weidersehn!


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