home on the range...

so this weekend, we are all loading up and trekking down to the ranch for a mini getaway. which, can i just tell you, i think we all need pretty badly. plus, its going to be a total blast. all our friends from odessa, austin, and dallas are meeting in the middle, and i just know there is going to be some ridiculous debauchery going on. plus, the coffee at the ranch, is the BEST EVER. or maybe its just where were drinking it, but either way, im looking forward to seeing everyone, waking up early to help with big ranch breakfasts, delicious coffee, getting away from life for a little bit (no tv, no cell reception) and lets face it...the sunsets at the ranch are unbeatable. and since i refuse to get on a horse (ya, i know, leave me alone!) im packing plenty of books :) super win! so obviously, im jazzed about it, so thus...it inspired today's blog. enjoy!

large rustic coat rack made from repurposed horse shoes 
and barn wood by AuracaunaDesigns.

painted cowboy boots by HydeBehindJekyll.

brand me - vintage brass horse necklace by agnescrafts.

owl candle holder by hiboubleu.

caribou vintage modern retro lamp shade by housecandyla.

timber hooves 8x11 print by LambCandy.

reclaimed white oak and reclaimed american chestnut 
farm table by newmoonsalvage.

farmers market flowers cards pack of 5 by YeeHaw.

rope handle serving tray by Hindsvik.

yellow jackalope pillow by pinkbabymouse.

vintage brass rose candlesticks by belovedbaglady.

texas longhorn 5x7 matted print by BusPaintings.

barbed wire bangles - set of 6 - in gold and brass by Blended.

wool felt texas by lovecalifornia.

dulce de leche large beaded horseshoe by AikoArt.

oldies but goodies...

everything for the wedding is coming together! thank freakin goodness. its about time dave and i got our acts together! and everyone is making me even more excited about it! my friends ashley and monique are making this exceptionally better (even though they could easily be lying through their teeth) they keep telling me how adorable it is, and how perfect it all is for us and its definitely putting me at ease and making me feel really great about it all. so bottom line...if the wedding tanks...im SO blaming them :) just kidding, i love you guys. ill only blame you a little.

today is just some more fun vintage finds, no rhyme no reason. just some adorable vintage goodies...enjoy!

nautical bookends by goodvintage.

lucite hanging lamp by Hindsvik.
*side note of awesomeness: i have a lamp almost exactly like this except with sporadic pieces of red plastic on it that was my great grandmothers, its hanging in my house at this very moment! made my day...*

princessa necklace by 5gardenias.

vintage green elegant candy dish with lid by stephieD.

1956 knoll tulip chair with stool by Hindsvik.

1970's sheer spring tulip dress by cheepvintage.

purple dreams vintage swirl costume ring by shihtzuwest.

vintage 30's or 40's brown travel case trunk by SUEDESCOTTAGE.

little owls tac pins lot by vintagecatsmeow.

retro stripes blue leather wallet by shedabbles.

vintage 70's rhinestone flower bow bracelet by ditbge.


::sigh:: FINALLY! friday is here, which means the weekend, which means no work. for some reason the time change has royally screwed with me and i am taking advantage and going to attempt to sleep in tomorrow morning. but with my internal alarm clock sleeping in means...8:30. either, way thats almost and hour and a half of extra sleep time! plus, im really antsy to get through march. were going to visit my parents the first weekend in april, and i couldnt be more excited! wedding planning galore! and also because i am so one track minded right now...its all wedding and honeymoon! in honor of our super exciting and nontraditional honeymoon, enjoy the beautiful etsy finds that are brought to you from the great new orleans! enjoy!

vintage copper and brass bird & locket necklace by niftythriftyowl.

29in french chic shabby cottage fleur de lis by thebackporchshoppe.

french art deco owl locket necklace by rubyanndesigns.

orange red 1960's baby doll nightie by persephoneclothing.

victory heart necklace by kikihuston.

eco pom pom and butterfly necklace by CreoleSha.

dark purple plum floral vine headband by olgaitaly.

st louis cathedral necklace by yabettassupadont.

brown owl hair clip by funckyhairclips.

15 (ring) by josealbertosierra.

wristlet zipper pouch - park fountain by KaoriColor.

copper plated bumblebee necklace (made from a real bee) by savoytruffles.

the rock and roll bride...

ok, so i know i have tweeted, facebooked, and now blogged about it...but really, if you have a minute (or a few hours if youre like me) check out rocknrollbride.com. i am in HEAVEN! i randomly stumpled upon it not even searching for anything for the wedding, and its bliss! lots of awesomely rock and roll tattoos, pin up-esque brides, and such. plus a TON of great vintage inspired weddings and ideas. amazing! its all so unique and untraditional exactly like dave and i want our wedding! definitely worth a peek even to just get interior design ideas if youre not planning a wedding! im in love. i think i have spent a total of 7 hours on the rocknrollbride website in the last 24 hours. i know, im an uber nerd. but everything is just so gorgeous! so definitely check it out. i am extremely impressed! and have bookmarked some great ideas im going to try and incorporate into our vintage-y wedding AND some super cute ideas for the house! so, todays etsy finds are inspired by all the great ideas and exceptional awesomeness i found on the rocknrollbride, enjoy!

patsy cline statement cuff by DolorisPetunia.

*update for the patsy cline cuff!* "please tell your readers that I will deduct the shipping costs for any items that are purchased when they mention your blog for the month of March" from Courtney of DolorisPetunia. isnt she wonderful?! such a peach!

lemony yellow birdcage by funkiefinds.

guitar pick boutonniere by SurroundingsOnline.

limited edition black druzy ring by mariaburgos.

anchor place cards by TimelessPaper.

apothecary jar terrarium no 18 by blithegardens.

owl heart - hanprinted postcard by margamarina.

c'est un bouquet de Bijoux by gloriaslaughter.

steampunk/vintage invitations by royalsteamline.

upcycled - true til death - mens cowboy boot by BDleatherdesigns.

antique edwardian circa 1930s platinum & diamond engagement ring by RebelRose.

hand painted fancy ornate wall mirror by zgilbertsonz.

silk satine lace and tulle wedding gown by looksonice.

lovebirds wedding cake topper by bunnywithatoolbelt.

ultra glam deco peacock feather fascinator by satanica.

unforgettable cocktail dress with aubergine venice lace applique by Chuletindesigns.


bride of fortune vintage book wreath by SimpleJoysPaperie.