home on the range...

so this weekend, we are all loading up and trekking down to the ranch for a mini getaway. which, can i just tell you, i think we all need pretty badly. plus, its going to be a total blast. all our friends from odessa, austin, and dallas are meeting in the middle, and i just know there is going to be some ridiculous debauchery going on. plus, the coffee at the ranch, is the BEST EVER. or maybe its just where were drinking it, but either way, im looking forward to seeing everyone, waking up early to help with big ranch breakfasts, delicious coffee, getting away from life for a little bit (no tv, no cell reception) and lets face it...the sunsets at the ranch are unbeatable. and since i refuse to get on a horse (ya, i know, leave me alone!) im packing plenty of books :) super win! so obviously, im jazzed about it, so thus...it inspired today's blog. enjoy!

large rustic coat rack made from repurposed horse shoes 
and barn wood by AuracaunaDesigns.

painted cowboy boots by HydeBehindJekyll.

brand me - vintage brass horse necklace by agnescrafts.

owl candle holder by hiboubleu.

caribou vintage modern retro lamp shade by housecandyla.

timber hooves 8x11 print by LambCandy.

reclaimed white oak and reclaimed american chestnut 
farm table by newmoonsalvage.

farmers market flowers cards pack of 5 by YeeHaw.

rope handle serving tray by Hindsvik.

yellow jackalope pillow by pinkbabymouse.

vintage brass rose candlesticks by belovedbaglady.

texas longhorn 5x7 matted print by BusPaintings.

barbed wire bangles - set of 6 - in gold and brass by Blended.

wool felt texas by lovecalifornia.

dulce de leche large beaded horseshoe by AikoArt.


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