everythings coming up roses...

can i just say that yes, all my friends love to joke that i am a super hippie. and i will not completely deny that i am not. (i mean, we are having a vintage/owl themed wedding! who does that?) not a day goes by that i do not wear a headband or some other hippie/boho accessory, and i love all old things. (and BEFORE the trend people...ugh) but there was always one thing that just never tickled my fancy...floral patterns. get 'em out! never liked them, they always remind me of quilts and bedspreads. and im just going to go ahead and say, i never had any interest in walking around looking like i was wearing my great grandmas quilt. now....that being said...::sigh:: i think i have been turned to the dark side. without even realizing it, i am being drawn to all the throwback vintage-y looking floral patterns. i know, im not super happy about it, but i cant help it! its just so damn cute! why do i love it so much?! but only certain ones, super vintage looking and bright. so i guess then it makes a little bit of sense...whatever. i need it. its my new thing, selectively, i guess. so i am going to embrace it...enjoy!

vintage floral tin, gold accents with lid by highstreetmarket.

beautiful oilcloth clutch purse by theprinttree.

pop art floral adult apron by aprilforshee.

vintage round orange tray by thesundaytimesmarket.

bouquet of roses high waist mini skirt by bOmode.

handpainted vintage lunch trays by gypsyfishstudio.

ivory sketchbook wristlet by honeyddesigns.

retro floral vintage fabric pillow case by plonkahome.

flora and fauna frame by causerie.

clancy, a posy garland headband by littlepinkposies.


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