wedding things...

so, i am going to be a little selfish today. and to half organize my thoughts in one place, because we keep writing it down, and then it does us zero good because i.....

a) lose the paper 
b) spill coffee on said paper
c) never remember what my half-assed abbreviations stand for
d) forget to write down the url of whatever it was that i like, and can never find it again

but, on a lighter note, the colors are all fall colors (deep purple, brown, green, pumpkin, gold, etc) and we already have the cake done (we are doing individual bundt cakes instead of one big monstrous cake and everyone who has tried it so far LOVES it), his suit (dark brown), my dress (once i finally decide! either way its gorgeous and ivory: vintagey too!) the venue (my parents backyard is GORGEOUS rustic and beautiful, with a new orleans feel: shutters, window boxes, etc) the music/dj (i love my friends!),  and we are planning our trip to dallas soon to check out caterers and photographers (any help, for those of you who married in dallas would be GREATLY appreciated!) overall, its going to be a gorgeous, low-key (40-50 guests max: our rule is that you have to actually KNOW us: our names, middle names too! birthdays, and how long we have been together), and super rustic with that vintage throwback flair. non-traditional, but very us. bottom line: its going to ROCK! and im FINALLY starting to get all bride-sy and excited!

so, today this lovely blog is going to be a doubly awesome double blog. because, now i can have all my wedding ideas in one place, my mommy dearest can see all my sweet finds, and so everyone can tell me if its a good plan or if it blows. this is all we have planned for the wedding so far, and the super awesome finds to help us make it happen. so...enjoy!


the inspiration: 
the finds: 

purple glass bud vase by GoodEyeVintage.

green glass vase by vintagefoe.

huge amber vases by TheRelicTrail.


the inspiration:

the finds: 
pair of bird cupcake stands by whitneysmith.

vintage gold filigree mirrored vanity tray by VintageO.

medium eyelet ribbon cake stand by vesselsandwares.


the inspiration:

the finds: 

 beautiful vintage smokey glass bright rhinestone flower brooch by wcgoods.

beautiful vintage red rose bouquet brooch by TheLovelys.

vintage royal purple rhinestone brooch by glassbeadtreasures.

the inspiration:

the finds:

ceramic owl planter vintage design by fruitflypie

owl pin gold toned rhinestone eyes circa 1970 by manonkavesky

vintage 60's owl napkin holder by vintagemarmalade.


the inspiration:

the finds:

owl sugar cookie favors by TSCookies. 

german chocolate gourmet hand dipped apple by BellasSweetEats. 

mr. owl recycled wine bottle tumblers by CarrollCreekGlass. 


the inspiration:

the finds:

to love and cherish rustic wedding sign by GoJumpInTheLake.

mason jar lanterns by themasonry

moss covered 18 inch wedding initials by SpottedLeopard.


the inspiration:

lets face it, were going to be a pretty good looking couple because were pretty much awesome and in love and were best friends! plus, with me in some super awesome ivory vintagey dress and dave looking dashing in a brown suit. 

the finds:

ivory wild rose hair fascinator by brendasbridalveils.

everyday necktie orange damask by MeandMatilda.

bashful bling in eggplant shoe clips swarovksi crystals by PetereneDesign.

vintage lovelies...

ok, so i have totally slacked the last two weeks on blogging and twittering/tweeting whatever...damn flu got the best of me. 15 days and counting with the sniffling, sneezing, sore throat, luckily the fever ran its course and im through with that. now if i could just get rid of the hacking cough i would be a happy girl. but not that you guys want to hear any of that...

but can i just say TGIF?! i need the weekend to come...its been a hellish two weeks with being sick and my fiances family has been having some roller coaster times lately, its been stressful and emotionally and physically demanding and draining...but luckily and hopefully its all done and over....

and on to the fun stuff! on a high note: my vintage brooches/earrings i have ordered are all starting to arrive in the mail so i can start working on my bouquet soon :) so in honor of all my vintage lovelies i have been accumulating i just wanted to share all my favorite vintage finds on etsy that i have been eying the last few weeks :) enjoy!

teardrop round milkglass compote by ShopGreenOwl.

over sized slouchy cocoon cardigan by seesong.

huge costume dinner ring with green stones by shihtzuwest.

vintage glass base by bluebellbazaar.

pathway after all midnight rose vintage eyeglass frames by Chigal.

rare vintage retro lucite leopard bangle by everlastingvintage.

retro vintage owl key holder by outofthepinksky.

nouveau citrus pendant by TheTreasureCat.

funky vintage suitcase by TheRelicTrail.

stella & dot...

ok, so let me go ahead and apologize for not posting all flippin week. i have been sick as a dog, and it was not pretty. i didnt do much of anything other than sleep, eat, move from the bed to the couch and back again, and take copious amounts of flu medicine. (ps: i am totally loving the theraflu drink made my throat feel infinitely better!) i promise i will spare yall all the gory details.

this is going to be a change of pace for me as far as blog posts go...i know i usually blog about all the things on etsy, but today i am totally supporting the stella & dot movement. anyone ever heard of stella & dot? trust me, you want to know about it.

so basically, its a jewelry line. and its pretty amazing. i dont even really wear all that much jewelry but i have to admit, there are so many things that i am coveting. i need them all! so i wanted to showcase some of the stella & dot jewelry line for you because well, its just AWESOME! and the greatest part? my best friend ashley just became a consultant, so i get all the cool information and get to peruse her catalogs and such on a pretty regular basis, which is also going to end up getting me in trouble. but whatever, totally worth it, its all adorable! if you want to know more about stella & dot jewelry, you can contact ash through the website and ask her, or just go search the website and all their jewelry here. or, here are my latest faves i wanted to share, so enjoy!

(just a side note: since its all stella & dot today, click the pictures to go to the website. and ignore all the squirrely spacing, its all screwy and im tired of fighting with it!)

uma silk wrap necklace


heirloom earrings

alana embroidered cuff

saveena flower ring 

paige chandelier earrings

st. tropez statement necklace 

ribbon wrapped deco ring

priya teardrop pendant necklace

kelly cuff - red/ivory

natasha embroidered bib necklace

bloom flower ring

heirloom deco bracelet 

boca necklace with bee brooch