new jewelry by kate cotten...

ok, so i am terribly hacked off at walgreens. they "lost" one roll of film, and then "underexposed" one. and lets face it, i am so damn spoiled by a digital camera that all these pictures are a little off in the first place. BUT, i wanted to share some of the new jewelry i made for the convention (only a few since i made like 60 necklaces!) so just ignore the horrible pictures (some dont even come close to resembling their real colors) i will be taking more pictures of it all this weekend with the digital camera. and then hopefully have them up on etsy this weekend. oh, and if you want, you can click on the pictures to enlarge and hopefully see some details. enjoy! (feedback always welcome! especially since this is the first time for me doing anything like this!)

small rhinestone loop with bird medallion in the center.

small white and eggplant dyed freshwater pearl Y necklace.

gold double strand necklace with assorted baubles.

red anchor cabochon on vintage style filagree medallion on long gold chain. 

silver & black chain with LOTS of assorted baubles.

giant red coral frag long necklace on silver chain.

multi-chain white rabbit pendant necklace. 

gold chain necklace with wing, cross, and rose with pearl center.

love necklace with silver rose on white beaded chain. 

silver baby owl pendant with rhinestone eyes.

silver bird connectors to turquoise beaded chain white large gem and silver bird dangle.

hot pink bird on turquoise vintage style filigree medallion on turquoise beaded chain.

antique gold peace sign with black rhinestones on black leather cord. 

white double bird pendant on coral beaded chain.

antique gold flower with rhinestone center on eggplant colored vintage style filigree medallion.

black multi strand necklace with large black see through patterned pendant. 

extra long antique brass skeleton key necklace.

turquoise gem pendant and black bird on black chain. 

silver floral patterned locket with rhinestone bow. 

assorted resin rings. (HORRIBLE picture)


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