curiouser and curiouser....

being inspired by my halloween costume (im the mad hatter!) AND dave and i just having watched disneys alice in wonderland AND tim burtons upcoming alice in wonderland remake...of course, i had to pick my etsy favorites. i mean, did you really expect me not to?! i tried to make sure all the main characters were represented...enjoy!

alice in wonderland at the door crystal necklace by justbedesigns.
i need this. its just gone into my etsy favorites list.

The Door to Wonderland
steampunk jewelry cufflinks by LondonParticulars.
i wish the fiance dressed up more. i totally want these as earrings! i know, right?!

The Mad Hatter
mad hatter mini top hat by joeireedhats.
click the link...see that its sold? totally me. its going to be super precious for halloween. joei reed is super amazingly talented, im going to get my wedding fascinator from her :)

The White Rabbit
im late -- white rabbit mug by notengomiedo.
totally need this. im just saying.

The Cheshire Cat
cheshire cat on vintage dictionary page by uniqueartpendants.
i have been eyeing this for forever. i need to suck it up and just buy one! amazing, right?

The Queen of Hearts
alice in wonderland playing card hair bow by amandalyn.
i think this is so funny and so cute! i want it!
(anyone else totally love the scene where they play croquet with the
flamingos and hedgehog things?)

The Caterpillar
alice and the hookah smoking caterpillar t-shirt by theboldbanana.
the caterpillar is my personal fav. curiouser and curiouser. WHOOO R U?!

The Gang's all Here
alice in wonderland button bracelet by flirtbuttons.
precious. i have to admit, i love all the old book illustrations best. so timeless.

all about me....

so lately ive been posting up all my favorite etsy finds, because, an addict you see. but there are SO many fun finds. (my personal favorite other than the shiny stuff is the geekery section!) ive been doing a lot of what not lately and a lot of stuff is going on with Kate Cotten Designs, so i wanted to share!

firstly, i finally added a blogger follower thing. so you can follow my blog if you want. i just didnt want to do it in the beginning because, well i was just too embarrassed to have a following button and end up with no followers. so i figured i am going to see how this works out for a while, so if you want to follow me, great. if not, i understand considering everything else, my good friends, you are doing for kate cotten.

for example...thank you to everyone who is a fan of kate cotten on facebook. its really exciting! im only(already) at 104 followers and its been about a week! plus, the even more exciting part for me...a good part of my "fans" on there...arent even my friends! theyre just people who thought i had kick ass stuff and decided to be my fan. which, i get a HUGE kick out of! its still difficult for me to be like...hey! someone other than me ACTUALLY likes my stuff! and not just cause they feel bad for me! so thats super exciting and makes me feel like a movie star! so again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

also, on my twitter account....i know, i know. twitter. some people are huge fans, some people detest it with every fiber of their being. personally? im ambivalent. some days im like...damn! its such a chore. and some days when im being like...hey look at me! im technologically legit! im still young enough to know whats going on in the world! im hip! i have a grand total of...*drum roll please*......27 followers :) im so lame. so who knows how long its going to take...BUT! if i can get 50 followers on twitter, im going to have a drawing for a $25 gift certificate! (or a free bracelet!) and if by some super power i can get to 100 twitter followers (which looks quite formidable at this point) then i am giving away a $50 gift certificate to kate cotten! (possibly more...if it looks like i may actually make it to 100 followers it might be a $50 gift certificate and two $25 gift certificates!) so if you havent already, follow me! unless you dont want to. cause i know especially of my friends on facebook from highschool and college and all twitter automatically updates me facebook status. no sense in getting it twice, right? and i get that. but THANK YOU! to all of you who have already started following me!

and as far as Kate Cotten Designs go. im branching out, baby! from canvas and bracelets to earrings, necklaces, wine cork-candelabra thingers, picture me go! even more exciting news....i am currently in talks (nothing concrete, so im trying really hard not to get my hopes up!) but i was asked by another seller on etsy who does tshirts to work on a tshirt collaboration. both of our ideas, and ill be drawing it up. its AWESOME so far. not like anything ive precious put up to sell. its mod and very linear and very KICK ASS. so if they really decide to run with this...i could basically have a tshirt i helped design! and its all awesome and unisex. (can you tell ive already pretty much gotten my hopes up?!) so im keeping my fingers crossed it all works out.

last night i finished up the rocks for a sample wedding favors request. one is green the other is lavender and she wants to see both colors before she decides which color to go with. so ALSO keeping my fingers crossed that goes well. i worked really hard and started over twice just to make sure they were perfect!

tonight...i think im going to work on some more bracelets. i have a great idea for one. its going to be pretty and feisty. ya, i said it. feisty. its girly with attitude. and simple. so hopefully i can pull that off tonight (while watching glee!) and maybe even crank out a second one tonight. im thinking of going for a vampire themed one. you know, twilight saga: new moon is coming out in 23 days. but i mean, whos counting?! (its ashley dawns birthday! and guess who already has tickets? im just sayin. im cool.)

lastly, a BIG thanks to everyone who was super kind and supportive and voted for me in ETC's October Design Challenge: Day of the Dead. i mean, really! thats my thing. i really, really want to win! theres no million dollar prize or anything, but i will get something super spiffy from another etsyian if i DO win. so heres hoping! and *in case* you did miss out on voting, and want to vote for ya go. voting ends tonight, so i promise after today, i will stop bugging everyone about it. AGAIN if you did vote...youre my hero! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

and just because i just updated everyone i wanted to share a few more fun pictures of the picture frame i just did...(just remember i am not a professional photographer, i leave that up to dave, so im sorry you can see my big man hands and iPhone in the reflection in some of the pictures)

the birds of a feather picture frame by Kate Cotten.
soon to be up on etsy. so keep an eye out.

before i touched up the black trim and gave it a clear coat.

close up of a corner.

after the clear coat, with glass and back.

the whole thing. clear coat and all. super shiny and reflective.
hooray for me! im IN LOVE with it.

oooooh. its shiny!

so dave and i were sitting down the other day having a serious conversation, and something caught my eye and i unknowingly mutter "ooooOOOHHhhhh shiiiiiiny." dave cracks up. of course. that was not the first, nor the last time im sure it will happen. and last night, when we were out to dinner with the cox family i felt myself distracted by all the sparkly lights. dave says i have the personality of a know they only have a three second attention span? ANYWHO. inspired by my love of shiny things here are just a few (i wish i had more time...but im sure there will be another post in the future) of my favorites....

october statement necklace by DolorisPetunia. i need it. shes AWESOME. all of her work is amazing! so amazing, shes featured in lucky magazine!

sparkle-icious black clutch by angeew. i LOVE the vintage brooch and classic black and white.

the florence hairpiece by missrubysue. i LOVE LOVE LOVE the headband i ordered from her. i wear it all the time. next on my list...this one!

rhinestone madonna cross by janedean. if you click the link, you will see that its sold. yup, to me. :)

diamante swarovski earrings by kgarnerdesigns. for only $25 how can you go wrong? check out the bling!

metallic ajisai dress by kaoriyatsumoto. if you check out the link theres better pictures. all the little tufts of flowers on the bodice have little sparkles. gorgeous!

it puts the creep in halloween....

i ordered the hat for my halloween costume today on etsy. so of course, in keeping with the theme...i went in search of more halloween finds hoping to find a sweet theme for this blog. and instead i found these gems....the...uhhhh...creepier halloween items on etsy. enjoy!

bloody finger fun hair clips by justmejewelry.

jawbone bowl by MotherMacabre.

octopus tentacle earrings by OctopusMe

doll hand handsoap by Foliage.

bat wing neck corset by idolatre.

original coffin couch by VonErickson.

autopsy tshirt by nancygamon.

zombie jamboree...

i was going to do another sweet halloween post...but then i was thinking to myself "nah, too generic. what about, hmmm...zombies?!" well let me tell you dear friends, i was worried i wouldnt be able to find enough zombie stuff on etsy, but oh no! i think i have managed to find zombie paraphernalia for all your needs. check it:

for all your halloween needs....

instant zombie costume by juror2.

for all your dining needs.....

zombie plate by soule.

for all your art needs....

zombies of the deep poster by MATTY8080.

for all your home decor needs.....

zombies need love too pillow by cipolla.

for all your accessorizing needs.....

grey brain ring by DannieGlam.

for all your PETA needs.....

zombie bunny print by NoosedKitty.

for all your clothing needs......

shaun of the dead winchester tshirt by shortsleevealliance.

and yes, even for all your wedding needs.....

zombie wedding cake topper! by splendorlocity.

and of course, all your personal hygiene needs.....

bloodbath zombie whipped sugar scrub by BloodBath.

busy little bee...

so i was a busy little bee this weekend, and really got on the ball, and created a few new jewelry of course i had to share....enjoy!

Love Rocks (literally!) I got a custom request by this sweet, sweet girl Crystal to create some mementos for her and her long distance beau modeled after my bracelet the vivienne. i think they turned out really well, whatcha think?

the madrid earrings. i have to admit, i love them. i wish they were on a different colored background. im not the biggest fan of the jade, but i still love them. and im currently in the process of getting more colors.

the monroe earrings. i have to admit, these were done while watching a texas tech game. so sue me! im allowed to be inspired by my alumn spirit! but arent they precious and girly?

the lolita. just try and tell me you dont love it? im not morbid and creepy, ok? i just like day of the dead. i mean its a wee bit macabre, but its fun. and feminine with the heart shape and the rhinestones. my favorite.

the juliet earrings. love, love, love, love, LOVE! i was watching gossip girl (i know!) and i was totally digging on vanessa's hippi vibe so i was super inspired to create something boho chic. its textured metal, and i think theyre super great.

in honor of breast cancer awareness month, i wanted to do a series of bracelets. so i chose one of the most popular themes. but i tried to jazz it up with some new bead choices and an antiqued banner for the word. i am really, really, really happy with the way these came out. im super proud of myself. so here they are...the hope, love, and faith bracelets.

the hope bracelet.

and here they all are....

goblins, ghosts, & ghouls, OH MY!

here are my top favorites on etsy for halloween today. im sure once i have more time to search, i will have even more super halloween wins for you! anyone else as pumped for halloween as i am? its always been my favorite. and i cant tell yet, but i think dave and i have come up with some pretty amazing costume ideas for this year....enjoy!

donnie darko-esque, anyone? black rabbit leather mask by
TomBanwell. seriously, give his etsy shop a little looksie.
his masks are all amazing.

skeleton in mourning headband by RottenReject.
dont think i wont rock this. i think i need it.

vamps ARE the in thing. twilight, true blood. im way super
impressed by this bite me mosaic by acenal.

vampires desire triple fang ring by VeraMeat is a total win in my book.
if it wasnt 200 bucks i would probably already own it. :)

i want this decoration for our armoire! instant cemetary
by crafterella. cute, spooky, and simple. loves it.

just try and tell me youre not impressed by this hand carved
skeleton marionette puppet by companyofmarionettes.
this is amazing. i wish i had such a talent. macabre but beautiful.

saved the best for last! this is the coolest halloween costume!
im hacked off its back-ordered. wild things wolf pajamas
by handpickednecklaces. i desperately wish i could be this!