oooooh. its shiny!

so dave and i were sitting down the other day having a serious conversation, and something caught my eye and i unknowingly mutter "ooooOOOHHhhhh shiiiiiiny." dave cracks up. of course. that was not the first, nor the last time im sure it will happen. and last night, when we were out to dinner with the cox family i felt myself distracted by all the sparkly lights. dave says i have the personality of a know they only have a three second attention span? ANYWHO. inspired by my love of shiny things here are just a few (i wish i had more time...but im sure there will be another post in the future) of my favorites....

october statement necklace by DolorisPetunia. i need it. shes AWESOME. all of her work is amazing! so amazing, shes featured in lucky magazine!

sparkle-icious black clutch by angeew. i LOVE the vintage brooch and classic black and white.

the florence hairpiece by missrubysue. i LOVE LOVE LOVE the headband i ordered from her. i wear it all the time. next on my list...this one!

rhinestone madonna cross by janedean. if you click the link, you will see that its sold. yup, to me. :)

diamante swarovski earrings by kgarnerdesigns. for only $25 how can you go wrong? check out the bling!

metallic ajisai dress by kaoriyatsumoto. if you check out the link theres better pictures. all the little tufts of flowers on the bodice have little sparkles. gorgeous!


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