ive missed you dear friend...

i have been ridiculously lacking in the blogging and etsy department for a year. depressing. i think its high time to bring it back.

lemme catch everyone up on what has happened in the past year. so dave and i got married. in a fabulously, fabulous handmade/DIY wedding. it was the most amazing wedding we could have hoped for. it was completely us, and even looking back a year later, dave and i have talked about it, and we would not do a single thing different. (i will do a dedicated blog post soon.)

man, we are precious.

 first dance to monte montgomery "romeo & juliet". so sweet.

we headed off to new orleans for our honeymoon, which was the best week of my life. i have no words for how amazing the honeymoon was. the most delicious cajun food, cafe du monde trips, cemetary and haunted tours and just soaking up the rich history was life changing. we even got tattoos. im obsessed. if i wasnt planning on having kids, i would move to new orleans in a heartbeat.

during our tour of st. louis cemetary number one.

 jean lafittes bar. the drinks are amazingly tasty and ridiculously strong.

breakfast at brennans. hands down the best meal we have ever had.

the holidays came and went and dave got a job offer working for an engineering firm here in the dallas area. so here we are. living blissfully in rockwall with my millions of craft projects. there is one thing about rockwall, it definitely makes us want to have babies ASAP. the school systems here are phenomenal and everything here is so family friendly. so who knows what the new year will bring...

but the best news is, dave has been helping and putting in his creative ideas when im crafting so its turned into a pretty great collaboration. for example, here are three of my favorite latest crafts...

i wanted to attempt a yarn wreath and here is the final result.
of course we added a cute little reindeer to make it "more manly".

i wanted to make a vintage paper wreath and dave upped the awesomeness
by helping turn it into a functional clock and he made the hands out of 
cardboard to keep with the paper/recycled feel.

finally got around to making a shadowbox from new orleans. 

i promise it will not be another year before i post again. in the meantime, while you sit at your computers and anxiously await my next blog post (ha!) you should check out pinterest. in case you have been living under rock (like apparently i had been!) pinterest is my new growing addiction, i just found out about it last week and its UH-may-zing. until next time...