smörgåsbord...great word.

i am still being pretty fickle today, my head is so in the clouds thinking about cleaning out my studio, re-arranging the studio, brainstorming new ideas, christmas presents, thanksgiving, christmas decorations, etc. so instead of going with a theme, since i couldnt decide on one, i played around on etsy (of course) for an extremely lengthy amount of time (as usual). and i found some really, super great awesome items, plus threw in some i had already saved under my favorites. so here is my mismatched, smörgåsbord of sorts of etsy finds...enjoy!

small 18K antique gold plated bird skull necklace by billyblue22.

nest, medium green by heatherpalmer.

jouquin diamond tufted retro chair by ReclaimTheThrone.

vintage deer antlers by mechanicalstag.

custom bridesmaid leaves bracelet by missevilkitty.

margaret, class of 1953 by amandajean.

real moth madagascar sunset moths framed by REALBUTTERFLYGIFTS.

lovers arise (bronze) by donmoti.

to love and cherish rustic wedding sign by GoJumpInTheLake.

double-rose ring, handsculpted cast sterling silver by jennykim.

vintage bird cage 'liberty lantern' by Atelier688.

vintage pet bed suitcase by vintagerenaissance.

custom moss hanging wreath initial by SimpleSweetDesign.

kitschy felt pillow with tiger vs deer omfg by mishima.



i was going to do a blog inspired by my new short rockstar 'do. (its super short! like....tapered in the back short.) cause i love it, and dave loves it. but then i was also feeling inspired by our wedding. because i found THE bouquet im carrying. and its not flowers. i love it, dave loves it, and my mom thinks its "so me".

but because i couldnt decide between the two, and kept procrastinating, i think im just giving up on it for today, but i will have one tomorrow. probably inspired by something else all together. though its going to be hard because tonight is me and daves laundry, chinese food, and wii night. so instead i strongly encourage all those looking for christmas gift ideas to search the etsy gift guides. i spend HOURS on them. and they definitely give you ideas! check it out...etsy gift guide.

there are gift guides by price, themes, who youre buying for....ranging from him and her to the fashionista, the entertainment buff, and the person who has everything. check them all out, you wont be sorry!

new moon...

i mean, how could i blog today and NOT blog about the impending new moon premiere! so in honor of one of my favorite people ever, miss ashley dawn's birthday, and the new moon release (where we will totally be at midnight!) are my favorite twilight inspired etsy picks. enjoy, twihards!

twilight inspired book jacket necklace by blinkphoto.

twilight new moon vintage forks map necklace by sherrytruitt.

edward cullen sign by nesedecor.

new moon twilight bella's bracelet by heidisjewelrydesigns.

bella's mittens by KnitsCrochetAndMore.

check it out....

edwards heart twilight bottle cap neckalce by craftyaddictions.

edward cullen life size twilight silhouette by vinylfruit. 

or if youre a jacob fan...(also by vinylfruit.)

the volturi necklace by cinsationalbaubles.

twilight inspired bookends by nesedecor.

renesmee's locket by FallenHearts.

and so the lion fell in love with the lamb hand painted converse by alcat2021.

our future love nest...

ok so for those of you are are my fans on facebook, i know i already mentioned this week that im obsessed with the etsy finds decor blog. and i was not joking! all this week dave and i have been perusing all the past articles and getting some really great ideas for our future love nest. i think its safe to say we will probably have one of the cutest and weirdest homes. no, seriously. we are odd kids. i dont know how many times i can say it. SO, technically this weeks blog post is by us both. (i know, you should feel special...dave is not a blogger/facebooker/twitterfanatic. for him, the internet is mainly to look up motorcycles and motorcycle parts) BUT! indeed i have recently turned him to the dark side and he is just as into etsy as i am! and its AWESOME! so now were both etsy addicts...but either are our favorite etsy finds for our little home...(its given us some amazing ideas too! dave wants to start selling on etsy too! as he should...) enjoy!

copper candlesticks IV by McGDesigns.
architecturally appealing, no? gorgeous! for our kitchen table. 

traditional large farm table on tapered legs by lorimerantiques.
THE kitchen table we want. its breath-taking. 100% unanimous. THE table :)

small barnacle orb by paulandkatestudios.
texturally intriguing and out of the box. for our bookshelves (or my studio.)

guitar wycinanki letterpress print by cindytomckykart.
were both in agreement that letterpress is amazing. we want a lot of art on the walls. and this is perfect! guitar for him and birds for me!

robin maddie deer by therunnybunny.
all therunnybunny does is some super sweet mash-up figures. we want them all.

doll house no 278 (with thorax) by sushipot.
this is awesome. weird, no doubt. but a real work of art and conversation starter for sure. but you know how we are with our skeletons. 

the brontosaurus by dinosaurcabinets.
i think this is the neatest thing for all of our vinyl! because we have lots. and lots.

black branch barrel shade by tansyandco.
i need it! lighting in an entry way or over a sitting area. were both all about the pops of unexpected personality. neither of us like anything plain.

cool c1940 figural human hand bookends by neatcurios.
for all bazillions of my books. anything vintage-esque, and its a guaranteed win in our book.

pomegranate papered, resin deer head by rubyslounge.
we both want these so incredibly bad. perfect over a fire place mantle. we found the deer one first. these are probably our favorite finds yet!

and then david fell in love with the big bad wolf. the eyes, the damask, its beautiful!

bubble chandelier by jeanpelle
we want this over our kitchen table. amazing, i know. looks like it belongs in a sweet NY loft.


and we also thought it would be nifty instead of having a big piece of art on a wall have a sweet little groupings of embroidered "wall apparel".

like this swallow tattoo wall apparel by doomfox.

and these hand embroidered monograms by SaysYou.

and a last minute prize: i just found this awesomely awesome ridiculous piece of art i had to share from etsys keep it weird: wishlist blog.

a strange piece of wall art by snew. {look very closely}

todays etsy inspiration: PieFace Pies :)

today my blog is inspired by my beautiful friend and future cousin-in-law miss Libby Denton of PieFace Pies. she is fantastic, completely admirable, extremely talented and an amazingly creative pie chef. and she is now open for business! so for all of you who live in the austin area...check her out!....

PieFace Pies in Austin, TX check out her spectacular menu here!
"A new way to satisfy your sweet cravings, PieFace Pies wants to deliver to you the comfort of a "home baked" pie experience. Whether it be for the holidays, a party or the reuniting of old friends PieFace Pies wants to provide a unique and chic dessert experience. Bringing the combination of years of old fashion pie baking and a creative new approach to presentation, PieFace Pies is going to excite you with PIE!"

so of course, because i am so proud of her because she is so all my *sweet* etsy finds, enjoy!

sweetie pie pillow by dirtybandits.
anyone else love the flying pies? precious!

tea light sampler: including apple, pecan, & pumpkin pie scents by candlelynn.
so your house can smell like you have a fresh homemade pie in the oven,
when really you just reheated last nights leftovers.

pumpkin pie ring by spiderellastudio.
i like how retro this ring looks. you know how i love all things vintage and retro!

you're sweet as pie illustration print by tamaragarvey.
perfect print to spruce up any breakfast nook or studio space!

hot apple pie soap by NANASSOAPS.
let me ask you this:
why would you NOT want to smell like apple pie? im just saying.

funkified fashionista headband by missrubysue.
this vibrant purple-blue color reminds me of the perfect slice of
blueberry pie i got at a little mom and pop bakery in abilene. delicious!

vintage 70's italian made rusty brown clutch from fancypantsvintage.
if this color doesnt automatically make me crave pumpkin pie,
i dont know what does.

athena medium bib statement necklace by missrubysue.
this perfect chocolate brown looks like the perfect
chocolate mousse pie. breathtaking, right?

keep calm and have a cupcake print by jennysbakeshop.
ok, so i know its not pie...but still a baked good!
and i thought it was too sweet to not include.