our future love nest...

ok so for those of you are are my fans on facebook, i know i already mentioned this week that im obsessed with the etsy finds decor blog. and i was not joking! all this week dave and i have been perusing all the past articles and getting some really great ideas for our future love nest. i think its safe to say we will probably have one of the cutest and weirdest homes. no, seriously. we are odd kids. i dont know how many times i can say it. SO, technically this weeks blog post is by us both. (i know, you should feel special...dave is not a blogger/facebooker/twitterfanatic. for him, the internet is mainly to look up motorcycles and motorcycle parts) BUT! indeed i have recently turned him to the dark side and he is just as into etsy as i am! and its AWESOME! so now were both etsy addicts...but either way...here are our favorite etsy finds for our little home...(its given us some amazing ideas too! dave wants to start selling on etsy too! as he should...) enjoy!

copper candlesticks IV by McGDesigns.
architecturally appealing, no? gorgeous! for our kitchen table. 

traditional large farm table on tapered legs by lorimerantiques.
THE kitchen table we want. its breath-taking. 100% unanimous. THE table :)

small barnacle orb by paulandkatestudios.
texturally intriguing and out of the box. for our bookshelves (or my studio.)

guitar wycinanki letterpress print by cindytomckykart.
were both in agreement that letterpress is amazing. we want a lot of art on the walls. and this is perfect! guitar for him and birds for me!

robin maddie deer by therunnybunny.
all therunnybunny does is some super sweet mash-up figures. we want them all.

doll house no 278 (with thorax) by sushipot.
this is awesome. weird, no doubt. but a real work of art and conversation starter for sure. but you know how we are with our skeletons. 

the brontosaurus by dinosaurcabinets.
i think this is the neatest thing for all of our vinyl! because we have lots. and lots.

black branch barrel shade by tansyandco.
i need it! lighting in an entry way or over a sitting area. were both all about the pops of unexpected personality. neither of us like anything plain.

cool c1940 figural human hand bookends by neatcurios.
for all bazillions of my books. anything vintage-esque, and its a guaranteed win in our book.

pomegranate papered, resin deer head by rubyslounge.
we both want these so incredibly bad. perfect over a fire place mantle. we found the deer one first. these are probably our favorite finds yet!

and then david fell in love with the big bad wolf. the eyes, the damask, its beautiful!

bubble chandelier by jeanpelle
we want this over our kitchen table. amazing, i know. looks like it belongs in a sweet NY loft.


and we also thought it would be nifty instead of having a big piece of art on a wall have a sweet little groupings of embroidered "wall apparel".

like this swallow tattoo wall apparel by doomfox.

and these hand embroidered monograms by SaysYou.

and a last minute prize: i just found this awesomely awesome ridiculous piece of art i had to share from etsys keep it weird: wishlist blog.

a strange piece of wall art by snew. {look very closely}


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