mrs. tiramisu

im sorry i have been horrible at updating. ive been in the process of many, many projects. i feel like i am in constant overdrive. BUT, the good news coming from my busy ridiculous schedule is that i have a lot of good projects and cute stuff and jewelry on the way.

so be on the look out. its big. im hyped. in other news, i just switched over to TLC, and holy sh!t. theres this show called "i didnt know i was pregnant" and its all the same story all these crazy ladies dont understand what nausea, no menstral flow, gaining weight, crazy cravings, back pains means. so because theyre having "intense stomach pains coming in waves" they rush to the emergency room and OHMYGAH! youre pregnant! and a baby pops out. SERIUSLY PEOPLE!?

anywho. i just ate a piece of tiramisu. and oh wow. if i could marry an inanimate (and edible) object, i would totally marry it. just throwing that out there. i would gladly be Mrs. Tiramisu. yum.

beads&more and jumburitto....

ok, so how lame am i? everyone is out of town, and dave is at work until eight, so as soon as i get off work (if this damn clock would quit DRAGGING on and on and on...) i am going to this little bead store here in odessa called Beads & More (if i can make it before they close at six) and i am going to get some amazingly cute things. i just know it. i need more berry beads. and i am looking for some awesome beads that are more of the spring colors than the dark jewel tones of fall. actually, odd enough, im totally craving some really awesome orange beads. not just bead, beads. but like FUNKY beads. something fun, im totally loving on all the spring colors. while i was in dallas my mom spoiled me a bit and i got this one really great tank top from old navy, and its inspired me more than i ever thought!

check out that adorable owl! i mean really, how can you not be in love? or maybe its just my weird obsession with owls that i seemed to have randomly inherit from my grandmother. or at least, thats what i blame it on. but im totally loving on the tank. and th green looks awesome with my super bright red hair. PLUS, i just have to brag this once, i look absolutely ADORABLE in this tank with my hair, and my new shorts, AND my new headband from missrubysue. its a TOTAL win on all accounts. i havent felt that cute in a LONG time. isnt funny how some things just do that to you?

anywho...its my new inspiration. im loving the color palette. so im going hunting for beads. and i am on a mission! plus, ive been toying around with the idea of bracelet "collections." like a series of bracelets with a mutual theme. you know what i mean... im not giving away my ideas yet, because honestly, i think theyre pretty dang good. but any thoughts? haha, im asking questions into thin air. im not even sure if anyone reads this thing. but, i like to think so, so dont rain on my parade, kay?

anywho. im totally digging on the collections idea, and i am uber hyped about it. im just not sure how well it will go over. PLUS, i just got in a few more orders for custom paintings for fathers day, which im hyped about. but those will take precedence over the jewelry for now, since theyre already orders on invoices.

but im looking forward to my slightly relaxing evening. i am going to beads and more and then going by jumburitto (dont judge me, monkeys!) ive been CRAVING a breakfast burrito/taquito from whataburger for AGES, but there is not a whataburger on my way to work and im not eating past 11 at night. (they only serve breakfast between 11 pm and 11am.) so since its right down the street, im going to jumburrito to get myself an egg and avacado breakfast burrito (again, dont judge! you cant knock it til you try it!) and then im going home to get comfy, put on ugly betty and plop myself down and start creating. but im not sure how much im going to do tonight considering its the 100TH EPISODE OF GREYS ANATOMY! dont hate. i hope they get married. because i swear to oprah, if something else happens and theres no wedding. im DONE. im SO tired of this on and off and on and off and happy and not speaking and back together and in love and then storming out on eachother. AT LEAST LET THEM GET MARRIED. although, not that my opinion counts for much, but since ellen pompeo is pregnant in real life, i think theyre gonna get married so they can write her pregnancy into the show. whatever, i can hope.

if i have time before ugly betty and greys ill take pics and share all the fun gems i get at beads and more! happy thursday, at least its almost the weekend!

dead & gone....

ok, so again totally random, just like all my other posts, it has absolutely nothing to do with my jewelry or anything close. BUT, it is another one of my obsessions...

charlaine harris released yet another new book yesterday from her Sookie Stackhouse series. (the books the True Blood tv series on HBO are based off of.) dead and gone, its book number 9, i believe. and of course, im sure ive mentioned but if not...i read like a maniac. i read ALL the time. and i was just introduced to these books a few weeks ago. i read the first seven in a little less than two weeks, and a new one came out in april, and now the most recent came out ysterday. and im only three chapters in so far, but its already good enough 50 pages in to be totally feeding my addiction.

if you havent read these books/heard of them, i strongly suggest them. theyre awesome. i admit, theyre more vampire books with werewolves and weretigers and all that supernatural. but theres all this drama and romance and fight scenes and wars. seriously, all of the books are amazing, i think charlaine harris is an exceptional writer. in fact, when i was in dallas this past weekend i bought her other two series of books, the Lily Bard "Shakespeare" Series and the "Harper Connelly" series. i havent started them yet, but i have high hopes.

anywho, if youre looking for a fun, easy read. these are definitely the books. theyre so quick to read and fun, but so intense. but beware: the books are slightly addictive.

and just another random FYI: the true blood series season one comes out may 19th, and i think i may go buy it. ive never seen a single episode, but i love the books, so that means hopefully ill love the tv series too, right? im hoping!

paranormal state + intervention = odd dreams

so dallas was awesome. i missed mi familia. it was so good to be home. we had a lot of fun. plus, its always a perk that my parents always spoil dave and i when we go visit. we went to canton and i got a lot of amazing beads. chunks of turquoise and awesome hand carved beads. im in love. dave got some sweet steak turner that looks kinda dangerous, but kick ass none the less. we found an awesome grill that we want... (hint-hint mom and dad: wedding present!) but they were all sold already. its HUGE. take a looksie:

its amazingly ginormous. you can lower the legs to use it as just a fire pit. or keep it raised to grill, and the actual grill area swivels (as you can see!) and it has that little basket at the top that swivels as well. so when you finish vegetables or to heat up some bread just turn it so its over the grill. or if you want to just keep it as a little rack for spices and what not, just turn it away from the grill. im in love. and dave is too. its AMAZING. and its so huge we could butterfly a longhorn and cook it on that thing! (good thing it comes in different sizes! i liked the medium one. but of course, dave wants the huge one. either way, its amazing.) but after canton we went to downtown dallas for a late lunch at campisi's (we want to have our rehearsal dinner there!) and we walked around farmers market and got all fresh vegetables for our cookout. it was delicious!

then on sunday dad and dave went and played golf and mom and i shopped in highland village. it was fun we go some flip-flops and headbands and some cute shorts. im super hyped. im stylin' and profilin' if i do say so myself. and OH MY, i got my missrubysue headband that i ordered in this weekend. and i am very proudly reppin' it today. its ADORABLE. ive already made a wish list of four more that i want. (scroll down to my post about the headpieces. :) its so funny how by just wearing the headband today with my jeans and tank top has made me feel infinitely cuter and sassier. i think every woman should own one. im serious. and after a day of golf/shopping, we met my parents best friends for dinner at the blue goose. it was SO good. (and so our their swirl margaritas!) and then we left there to meet my friends ryon and adam for drinks at cheddars so we could see them and catch up for a bit. i love those boys.

and then yesterday before we left town we met my dad for lunch, and then we went to the bookstore and i got my "nephew" lots of fun books. since hes finally getting to that age. its awesome. then while we were driving back to odessa, we got stopped by a cop, and got chased by another. it was strange. but no tickets! just a warning for no front license plate. lame.

yesterday when we got back to odessa, we went stopped by our best friends house to drop off books for baby noah and we sat and watch paranormal state and intervention. warning: do not watch these show directly before bed. last night i kept having dreams that i was living in a haunted bus. the only thing in the bus was bikinis and boxed wine and some crazy ghost that was slurring and screeching like a howler monkey kept trying to put me in a stroller and telling me 4 to 6. and if anyone else out there watched those two shows last night, then you know how hilarious, and yet, disturbing this is.

i think i need therapy. i always have the strangest dreams. but, now back to reality after an incredible weekend. i think i need a vacation from my vacation...isnt that always how it is though?


this new pandemic of swine flu, and by pandemic, i mean (excuse my french) clusterfuck is on my last nerve.

i am tired of hearing about it, reading about it, talking about it, its consuming everyone and everything. at work today we even had a meeting about it. the symptoms, the dangers, and how to call into the headquaters HR department, because we need to be "recorded" and then have a doctors release to let us come back to work, that is, if we dont die first. at least, THANKFULLY, although, completely surprisingly, there are no known cases in odessa, texas. though surprising since we are so near the border. either way, i am thankful.

BUT, dave and i are going to dallas this weekend. and there are known cases there. and i know that you dont know this, but i may quite possibly be the most unlucky girl there ever was. if there is one patch of ice on the ground, i step on it and crack my tailbone. i dont just get a sinus infection, i get an ear infection, pink eye, and bronchitis all at the same time. i break my arm, and within 24 hours, break my other one. (i should post pictures later of my amazing two bright pink casts. it was sexy...NOT) but all those kinds of things. and we are planning on going to canton, first monday (a huge fair/market-ish thing.) a HUGE mass of people all in one small vicinity. wish us luck. i know, at least i, am going to severely need it.

so unfortunately, there will be no updating blogs or new bracelets/paintings coming along this weekend. BUT, i am going to the dallas market bead fair this weekend. so i will be coming back fully stocked with lots of cute loot. so stay tuned. but i will *possibly* be twittering still over the weekend, so if you get bored you can check that out. -- go on, you know you want to. and after my twitter? tweet? twit? whatever yesterday, trust me, my life is ridiculous. ok ok ok...ill share the one story, but then youll have to look on twitter to keep up with all the rest:

SO, i was on my lunch break yesterday, waiting in line to get my yummy salad, and there was a mother and her little boy eating with her sister/friend/whatever. and the little boy asked if he could have another cookie. and the mom said no, that he was lucky he got the first cookie because he didnt eat enough of his food. and he started to get a bit fussy, and the mom tried to calm him, which just worked him up more, until he was screaming on the top of his lungs "IF YOU DONT GIVE ME ANOTHER COOKED RIGHT NOW THEN I WILL PEE MY PANTS!" and so the mother finally gets up, yanks him back into the chair, and tells him to be quiet, he can have a cookie after dinner later. and so he just yells "AHHHHHHH!!!" and jumps out if his chair and puts his hands on his hips and pees all over himself, all over the floor. it was horrible, and hysterical. it was like a car wreck. i knew i shouldnt look, but i couldnt bring myself to tear my eyes away. it was ridiculously amazing.

anywho, ive still got to pack, were leaving at 5:30, and DRIVING. so ill most definitely be twittering im sure. theres got to be at least one funny anecdote i can share on our five and a half hour journey to dallas. wish me luck that i dont come back with the swine flu.

have a loverly weekend!