beads&more and jumburitto....

ok, so how lame am i? everyone is out of town, and dave is at work until eight, so as soon as i get off work (if this damn clock would quit DRAGGING on and on and on...) i am going to this little bead store here in odessa called Beads & More (if i can make it before they close at six) and i am going to get some amazingly cute things. i just know it. i need more berry beads. and i am looking for some awesome beads that are more of the spring colors than the dark jewel tones of fall. actually, odd enough, im totally craving some really awesome orange beads. not just bead, beads. but like FUNKY beads. something fun, im totally loving on all the spring colors. while i was in dallas my mom spoiled me a bit and i got this one really great tank top from old navy, and its inspired me more than i ever thought!

check out that adorable owl! i mean really, how can you not be in love? or maybe its just my weird obsession with owls that i seemed to have randomly inherit from my grandmother. or at least, thats what i blame it on. but im totally loving on the tank. and th green looks awesome with my super bright red hair. PLUS, i just have to brag this once, i look absolutely ADORABLE in this tank with my hair, and my new shorts, AND my new headband from missrubysue. its a TOTAL win on all accounts. i havent felt that cute in a LONG time. isnt funny how some things just do that to you?

anywho...its my new inspiration. im loving the color palette. so im going hunting for beads. and i am on a mission! plus, ive been toying around with the idea of bracelet "collections." like a series of bracelets with a mutual theme. you know what i mean... im not giving away my ideas yet, because honestly, i think theyre pretty dang good. but any thoughts? haha, im asking questions into thin air. im not even sure if anyone reads this thing. but, i like to think so, so dont rain on my parade, kay?

anywho. im totally digging on the collections idea, and i am uber hyped about it. im just not sure how well it will go over. PLUS, i just got in a few more orders for custom paintings for fathers day, which im hyped about. but those will take precedence over the jewelry for now, since theyre already orders on invoices.

but im looking forward to my slightly relaxing evening. i am going to beads and more and then going by jumburitto (dont judge me, monkeys!) ive been CRAVING a breakfast burrito/taquito from whataburger for AGES, but there is not a whataburger on my way to work and im not eating past 11 at night. (they only serve breakfast between 11 pm and 11am.) so since its right down the street, im going to jumburrito to get myself an egg and avacado breakfast burrito (again, dont judge! you cant knock it til you try it!) and then im going home to get comfy, put on ugly betty and plop myself down and start creating. but im not sure how much im going to do tonight considering its the 100TH EPISODE OF GREYS ANATOMY! dont hate. i hope they get married. because i swear to oprah, if something else happens and theres no wedding. im DONE. im SO tired of this on and off and on and off and happy and not speaking and back together and in love and then storming out on eachother. AT LEAST LET THEM GET MARRIED. although, not that my opinion counts for much, but since ellen pompeo is pregnant in real life, i think theyre gonna get married so they can write her pregnancy into the show. whatever, i can hope.

if i have time before ugly betty and greys ill take pics and share all the fun gems i get at beads and more! happy thursday, at least its almost the weekend!


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