dead & gone....

ok, so again totally random, just like all my other posts, it has absolutely nothing to do with my jewelry or anything close. BUT, it is another one of my obsessions...

charlaine harris released yet another new book yesterday from her Sookie Stackhouse series. (the books the True Blood tv series on HBO are based off of.) dead and gone, its book number 9, i believe. and of course, im sure ive mentioned but if not...i read like a maniac. i read ALL the time. and i was just introduced to these books a few weeks ago. i read the first seven in a little less than two weeks, and a new one came out in april, and now the most recent came out ysterday. and im only three chapters in so far, but its already good enough 50 pages in to be totally feeding my addiction.

if you havent read these books/heard of them, i strongly suggest them. theyre awesome. i admit, theyre more vampire books with werewolves and weretigers and all that supernatural. but theres all this drama and romance and fight scenes and wars. seriously, all of the books are amazing, i think charlaine harris is an exceptional writer. in fact, when i was in dallas this past weekend i bought her other two series of books, the Lily Bard "Shakespeare" Series and the "Harper Connelly" series. i havent started them yet, but i have high hopes.

anywho, if youre looking for a fun, easy read. these are definitely the books. theyre so quick to read and fun, but so intense. but beware: the books are slightly addictive.

and just another random FYI: the true blood series season one comes out may 19th, and i think i may go buy it. ive never seen a single episode, but i love the books, so that means hopefully ill love the tv series too, right? im hoping!


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