mrs. tiramisu

im sorry i have been horrible at updating. ive been in the process of many, many projects. i feel like i am in constant overdrive. BUT, the good news coming from my busy ridiculous schedule is that i have a lot of good projects and cute stuff and jewelry on the way.

so be on the look out. its big. im hyped. in other news, i just switched over to TLC, and holy sh!t. theres this show called "i didnt know i was pregnant" and its all the same story all these crazy ladies dont understand what nausea, no menstral flow, gaining weight, crazy cravings, back pains means. so because theyre having "intense stomach pains coming in waves" they rush to the emergency room and OHMYGAH! youre pregnant! and a baby pops out. SERIUSLY PEOPLE!?

anywho. i just ate a piece of tiramisu. and oh wow. if i could marry an inanimate (and edible) object, i would totally marry it. just throwing that out there. i would gladly be Mrs. Tiramisu. yum.


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