paranormal state + intervention = odd dreams

so dallas was awesome. i missed mi familia. it was so good to be home. we had a lot of fun. plus, its always a perk that my parents always spoil dave and i when we go visit. we went to canton and i got a lot of amazing beads. chunks of turquoise and awesome hand carved beads. im in love. dave got some sweet steak turner that looks kinda dangerous, but kick ass none the less. we found an awesome grill that we want... (hint-hint mom and dad: wedding present!) but they were all sold already. its HUGE. take a looksie:

its amazingly ginormous. you can lower the legs to use it as just a fire pit. or keep it raised to grill, and the actual grill area swivels (as you can see!) and it has that little basket at the top that swivels as well. so when you finish vegetables or to heat up some bread just turn it so its over the grill. or if you want to just keep it as a little rack for spices and what not, just turn it away from the grill. im in love. and dave is too. its AMAZING. and its so huge we could butterfly a longhorn and cook it on that thing! (good thing it comes in different sizes! i liked the medium one. but of course, dave wants the huge one. either way, its amazing.) but after canton we went to downtown dallas for a late lunch at campisi's (we want to have our rehearsal dinner there!) and we walked around farmers market and got all fresh vegetables for our cookout. it was delicious!

then on sunday dad and dave went and played golf and mom and i shopped in highland village. it was fun we go some flip-flops and headbands and some cute shorts. im super hyped. im stylin' and profilin' if i do say so myself. and OH MY, i got my missrubysue headband that i ordered in this weekend. and i am very proudly reppin' it today. its ADORABLE. ive already made a wish list of four more that i want. (scroll down to my post about the headpieces. :) its so funny how by just wearing the headband today with my jeans and tank top has made me feel infinitely cuter and sassier. i think every woman should own one. im serious. and after a day of golf/shopping, we met my parents best friends for dinner at the blue goose. it was SO good. (and so our their swirl margaritas!) and then we left there to meet my friends ryon and adam for drinks at cheddars so we could see them and catch up for a bit. i love those boys.

and then yesterday before we left town we met my dad for lunch, and then we went to the bookstore and i got my "nephew" lots of fun books. since hes finally getting to that age. its awesome. then while we were driving back to odessa, we got stopped by a cop, and got chased by another. it was strange. but no tickets! just a warning for no front license plate. lame.

yesterday when we got back to odessa, we went stopped by our best friends house to drop off books for baby noah and we sat and watch paranormal state and intervention. warning: do not watch these show directly before bed. last night i kept having dreams that i was living in a haunted bus. the only thing in the bus was bikinis and boxed wine and some crazy ghost that was slurring and screeching like a howler monkey kept trying to put me in a stroller and telling me 4 to 6. and if anyone else out there watched those two shows last night, then you know how hilarious, and yet, disturbing this is.

i think i need therapy. i always have the strangest dreams. but, now back to reality after an incredible weekend. i think i need a vacation from my vacation...isnt that always how it is though?


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