this new pandemic of swine flu, and by pandemic, i mean (excuse my french) clusterfuck is on my last nerve.

i am tired of hearing about it, reading about it, talking about it, its consuming everyone and everything. at work today we even had a meeting about it. the symptoms, the dangers, and how to call into the headquaters HR department, because we need to be "recorded" and then have a doctors release to let us come back to work, that is, if we dont die first. at least, THANKFULLY, although, completely surprisingly, there are no known cases in odessa, texas. though surprising since we are so near the border. either way, i am thankful.

BUT, dave and i are going to dallas this weekend. and there are known cases there. and i know that you dont know this, but i may quite possibly be the most unlucky girl there ever was. if there is one patch of ice on the ground, i step on it and crack my tailbone. i dont just get a sinus infection, i get an ear infection, pink eye, and bronchitis all at the same time. i break my arm, and within 24 hours, break my other one. (i should post pictures later of my amazing two bright pink casts. it was sexy...NOT) but all those kinds of things. and we are planning on going to canton, first monday (a huge fair/market-ish thing.) a HUGE mass of people all in one small vicinity. wish us luck. i know, at least i, am going to severely need it.

so unfortunately, there will be no updating blogs or new bracelets/paintings coming along this weekend. BUT, i am going to the dallas market bead fair this weekend. so i will be coming back fully stocked with lots of cute loot. so stay tuned. but i will *possibly* be twittering still over the weekend, so if you get bored you can check that out. -- go on, you know you want to. and after my twitter? tweet? twit? whatever yesterday, trust me, my life is ridiculous. ok ok ok...ill share the one story, but then youll have to look on twitter to keep up with all the rest:

SO, i was on my lunch break yesterday, waiting in line to get my yummy salad, and there was a mother and her little boy eating with her sister/friend/whatever. and the little boy asked if he could have another cookie. and the mom said no, that he was lucky he got the first cookie because he didnt eat enough of his food. and he started to get a bit fussy, and the mom tried to calm him, which just worked him up more, until he was screaming on the top of his lungs "IF YOU DONT GIVE ME ANOTHER COOKED RIGHT NOW THEN I WILL PEE MY PANTS!" and so the mother finally gets up, yanks him back into the chair, and tells him to be quiet, he can have a cookie after dinner later. and so he just yells "AHHHHHHH!!!" and jumps out if his chair and puts his hands on his hips and pees all over himself, all over the floor. it was horrible, and hysterical. it was like a car wreck. i knew i shouldnt look, but i couldnt bring myself to tear my eyes away. it was ridiculously amazing.

anywho, ive still got to pack, were leaving at 5:30, and DRIVING. so ill most definitely be twittering im sure. theres got to be at least one funny anecdote i can share on our five and a half hour journey to dallas. wish me luck that i dont come back with the swine flu.

have a loverly weekend!


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