busy little bee...

so i was a busy little bee this weekend, and really got on the ball, and created a few new jewelry pieces...so of course i had to share....enjoy!

Love Rocks (literally!) I got a custom request by this sweet, sweet girl Crystal to create some mementos for her and her long distance beau modeled after my bracelet the vivienne. i think they turned out really well, whatcha think?

the madrid earrings. i have to admit, i love them. i wish they were on a different colored background. im not the biggest fan of the jade, but i still love them. and im currently in the process of getting more colors.

the monroe earrings. i have to admit, these were done while watching a texas tech game. so sue me! im allowed to be inspired by my alumn spirit! but arent they precious and girly?

the lolita. just try and tell me you dont love it? im not morbid and creepy, ok? i just like day of the dead. i mean its a wee bit macabre, but its fun. and feminine with the heart shape and the rhinestones. my favorite.

the juliet earrings. love, love, love, love, LOVE! i was watching gossip girl (i know!) and i was totally digging on vanessa's hippi vibe so i was super inspired to create something boho chic. its textured metal, and i think theyre super great.

in honor of breast cancer awareness month, i wanted to do a series of bracelets. so i chose one of the most popular themes. but i tried to jazz it up with some new bead choices and an antiqued banner for the word. i am really, really, really happy with the way these came out. im super proud of myself. so here they are...the hope, love, and faith bracelets.

the hope bracelet.

and here they all are....


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