the grass is always greener...

so, let me preface this by saying that i definitely did not inherit either of my parents green thumb. their house always is so beautiful and lush, with the most gorgeous plants. and i swear i could kill a cactus. in fact, come to think of it, i have. awesome, go me! i dont know if its because spring is just over the horizon, or the wedding planning, or the fact that i feel like nesting lately...or maybe all three...but i just cannot help but covet all these cute little terrariums i have been finding on etsy lately...i desperately want one. but i am too afraid that i will do something wrong and kill it. and can i just say all these people who are taking terrariums (aka: vivarium, which in latin, literally means "place of life") and turning them into works of art, have all my respect. theyre so pretty! i think i just may need one...once i can talk myself into it. i mean, hello! even our grass is dead as a doornail! enough of my ranting! here are some gorgeous little terrariums for you. enjoy!

tiny tiny air plant terrarium -group of 3- by TortoiseLovesDonkey.

moss and lichen glass garden terrarium by WarmCountryMeadows.

eerie cemetary moss drop hanging terrarium by LBrandt.

worlds away - kit by augury.

teardrop string of pearls terrarium by monkeysalwayslook.

gold metal stand with lichen and moss terrarium by teresab123.

lost in the desert by Stilllily.

wild & weird british soldiers versus the moss spores by teresaab123.


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