oldies but goodies...

everything for the wedding is coming together! thank freakin goodness. its about time dave and i got our acts together! and everyone is making me even more excited about it! my friends ashley and monique are making this exceptionally better (even though they could easily be lying through their teeth) they keep telling me how adorable it is, and how perfect it all is for us and its definitely putting me at ease and making me feel really great about it all. so bottom line...if the wedding tanks...im SO blaming them :) just kidding, i love you guys. ill only blame you a little.

today is just some more fun vintage finds, no rhyme no reason. just some adorable vintage goodies...enjoy!

nautical bookends by goodvintage.

lucite hanging lamp by Hindsvik.
*side note of awesomeness: i have a lamp almost exactly like this except with sporadic pieces of red plastic on it that was my great grandmothers, its hanging in my house at this very moment! made my day...*

princessa necklace by 5gardenias.

vintage green elegant candy dish with lid by stephieD.

1956 knoll tulip chair with stool by Hindsvik.

1970's sheer spring tulip dress by cheepvintage.

purple dreams vintage swirl costume ring by shihtzuwest.

vintage 30's or 40's brown travel case trunk by SUEDESCOTTAGE.

little owls tac pins lot by vintagecatsmeow.

retro stripes blue leather wallet by shedabbles.

vintage 70's rhinestone flower bow bracelet by ditbge.


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