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its been forever since ive blogged, and i have been consumed with finding some new art prints for our house. and today i wanted to show you one of my very FAVORITE artists, the ever talented and macabre Madame Talbot. her work is incredibly detailed and amazingly beautiful. (i know this isnt for everyone, but dave and i are in agreement that she is one of our favorite artists and we would LOVE to own every single poster she has ever done. but its no secret dave and i are a little on the odd side.)

i first featured one of her posters when i was searching on etsy and came upon her mutter museum poster, at that time there wasnt too many more other posters up on their victorianlowbrow etsy page, but of course i marked it as a favorite and intermittently kept checking back in. finally i got curious and found madametalbot on twitter, which lead me to the blog, which lead to the official Madame Talbot website. i have spent hours upon hours on the website, searching through every item from all the posters to vintage tools to human bones and fetal skull dolls, chronicling my favorites, and getting caught up in the little tid bits of history and information that are detailed on some of the items. to see what i mean check out the shrunken head or the black death plague doctor poster.

here are a few of her beautifully handcrafted posters done with only pen and ink...enjoy!

i would love to feature more of her work, but i am not sure how some of you would react if you click on my blog and there was a real skull or human heart staring you in the check out other oddities, including a human heart night light preserved in lucite, a real vintage monkey paw, and the til death do us part curio, check out the official Madame Talbot website. but beware! not for the faint of heart!

st. james infimary new orleans jazz funeral poster

black death plague doctor poster
mutter museum poster

gospel poster

undertakers cabinet poster

idle hands devils playground poster

vampire's garden mercy brown poster

that old devil cannabis sativa marijuana weed poster

abraham lincoln's ghost train poster

victorian drugs quack poster

jack the ripper poster


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