quick post! i thought of sharing some pictures of wedding ideas and getting opinions, but i would feel really pathetic when no one responded. so im gonna make this short and sweet.

it was a good weekend. albeit, i could use an extra days rest. but it was fun. friday we went to dos amigos and black gold (which totally blows). which was entertaining to say the least. between the rumors the guys started at the reunion, and drunken dancing. it was definitely an...experience.

saturday, we got up and went to cracker barrel with ash and jefferson and noah. which was of course, as usual...delicious. coffee and grits. total win. and then we popped on over to the new babies'r'us/toys'r'us. which was actually quite awesome. some of these new toys they have...man. i remember the days when it was trains, ninja turtles, and nerf guns. and then adorable noahbug passed out on the way back. super precious. and dave hates it when noahs super precious cause then i always bug him about when can we have a baby.

saturday night, babysat noah, and in the process of reading a house for a hermit crab, i accidently inspired the sentence "dada has crabs" whoops! sorry guys! and apparently, im an extra bad influence, ash said she can always tell when ive been around noah because he says "eek!" and "oh no!" a lot. yikes. better expand my vocabulary. anywho, then dave came over to hang out with me when he got off and we watched some ridiculous animal shows. made me cringe and laugh. untamed and uncut, i think was the name of the show, or something along those lines.

yesterday was daves brothers birthday. we went over to their parents and had ribs and such. it was neat. his dad is a great chef. always delicious meals when we go over there. lots of people over there too! noah and i spent the first half playing hide and seek in th guest bedroom. and then we played horseshoes (well, i chatted and watched the guys play horseshoes) and then we tailgated a bit. and then we went over and watched true blood and hung (my new tv obsessions!)

and today, date night! which of course, i am super looking forward to! especially since dave will be at the cox's ranch all weekend with the guys for his brothers bachelor party were they will be hunting, slaughtering, cooking, and eating god-knows-what and drinking more than most should consume in a year. riding horses, paint balling, and basically, creating drunken mayhem.

and on art note: the new painting almost finished painting. still needs some work. im not totally sold on it yet. and it needs a name.


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