the ugly truth

last night was a win on all account. we had such a blast. we double dated with jefferson and ashley. how could it not be awesome with true blood, alcoholic beverages, jorges, movie, starbucks, and driving aimlessly like high schoolers. ahh, to be young again.

go see the ugly truth. right now. do it. it was freakin hilarious. me and ash practically had to drag dave and jefferson kicking and screaming (or with promises of scotch and mexican food) and even they loved it. let me just tell you now. it is dirty and raunchy. way dirty and way raunchy - thus, hysterical. and i am with ash. there is one part in the movie where we were both laughing so hard we were gasping for air. i cannot remember the last time i laughed so hard i cried in a movie. it was amazing. plus, katherine heigl is adorable. and lets face it, gerard butler is not too hard to look at. but then again, i do have a teensy (and by teensy i mean major) crush on him. im just saying.

i figured as long as i am recommending movies, im sure most have seen it so far. but go see the hangover. hilarity will ensue from minute one until credits role. classic gen x movie. but amazingly hilarious none the less. i have to admit i even loved it more than anchorman, dodgeball, old school. all of those. plus, how can it not be amazing with a mike tyson cameo? dave was impressed to say the least.

also, again with the tv/movie theme of this post, we bought season one of weeds this weekend, and i think i am going to start watching it tonight if i can work up the courage. we saw the first few episodes ages ago, when it was freshly on tv. but we never stuck with it for some reason. i remember thinking it was funny. but with all the hype surrounding it, we caved and bought it. i hope its as good as promised.


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