anthropologie and wild things

today, being inspired by shopping on everyones baby and wedding registries, i started scouring the web for cute home decor ideas i could use to spruce up the house. so, i decided to put together a few of my favorite decor items from one of my favorite stores. the always super vintage chic: anthropologie. enjoy!

i want it! i love the juxtaposition of the quirky scrolls
and the industrial masculine vibe.

i think the colors in this rug are amazing.
i have no idea where i would put it. but in my dream land
this would go in my living room over dark hardwood floors.

i adore the shape of this chair. its so awkward
and inviting all at the same time.

these look like something my great grandmother had.
i dont know what my deal is lately, but if its vintage, its in.

no idea why i love this so much. i think because
to me, its reminiscent of where the wild things are.

i think i love the androgynous look. its super chic
and looks like it belongs in a mans office.

my absolute favorite. i want this so bad i dream about it.
too bad its only six grand. guess i should go buy a lotto ticket.

ps: did you hear theres a "where the wild things are" movie coming out in october? call me a loser, but i am so there. dave and i already told ash and jefferson that we want to take noah! i have recently had the pleasure of rereading it with noah, and looking at the pictures in the book again and watching the movie is astounding. the wild things look perfect. check out the trailer. you will be surprised at how kick ass it looks.


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