this weekend, was uneventful and eventful all at the same time. it was a good weekend.

on friday, the guys called me for lunch. so i met up with dave, ben, patrick, jordan, cary, shan, jackson, and wyatt for lunch at rosas. mucho bueno. though, being around all them and having pleurisy is not a good idea. i laughed the whole time, but the pain was worth it, because they are just so facken entertaining when theyre all together. and friday night, since the boys had all left for the bachelor party, i went to the grocery store, painted a bit, and went and watched the rest of season one of weeds in bed and passed out with the puppies.

saturday was a good lazy day. saturday night, i went over to ashleys about 6, we took noah and grabbed some dinner and after he was down for the night, we just hung around and chatted until a break for a late night starbucks run, and i got home about 2. but it was worth it. shes awesome. and i have lots of good wedding ideas! thanks ash!

sunday, i went and met ashley and noah and we went to cracker barrel, where, well...it was entertaining, to say the least. but poor little baby noah was involved in his first criminal activity. poor bug, hes an accomplice! and then we went over to target and i got baby charlotte lots of cute clothes for ash and jeffersons baby shower this weekend. then i went home, ran some errands, cleaned up a bit, and then the boys all got back. after dave and i hung around and vegged on the couch and researched the new alice in wonderland. we went back over to ashley and jeffersons for a cookout with the WHOLE crew. including doc and kathleen. we sat around chatting, drinking, cooking, watching kids, gossiping, and planning for the rest of the eveing. and one thing about the guys, they KNOW how to cook. the burgers were AMAZING. and then dave and i got home, attempted to watch true blood, but we were falling asleep on the couch so we went and crawled into bed, i think we were both dead to the world within seconds of our heads hitting the pillow.

so all in all, it was a kick ass, laid back weekend.

and then yesterday, the server was out at work AGAIN. so it was lame and boring and unproductive and stupid. but at least i got to see cary and shan and cindy and the boys for lunch. always a win. and then dave and i had a laid back evening. we watched true blood, watched lots of upcoming movie trailers on youtube. went and split some dinner at roadhouse. went to target. and came home and watched the beginning few episodes of weeds season two. all around good evening :)

but since this is a pretty uneventful post, since its all about moi. ill leave you with some awesome new pics from tim burtons new version of alice in wonderland. i am beyond hyped. its gonna be a total win. check it....heres the "teaser trailer". just try and tell me its not going to be awesome.

for anyone who doesnt know yet, johnny depp is the mad hatter, helena bonham carter is the red queen, anne hathaway is the white queen, and alice is a fairly unknown actress mia wasikowska. PLUS! my FAVORITE...alan rickman (professor snape, anyone?) is the caterpillar! i CANNOT wait. more than likely, ill be there opening night. im such a dork for tim burton.


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