i have nothing exciting to say, so i have been putting off blogging. the weekend was a rollercoaster though...

friday -- my car died. finally. i was way pissed. but we went to jefferson and ashleys and hung out with them until james and ashton got in town. then we...hung out on the patio talking, me and dave fought over the two colors in the new Tron trailer. he says its green and yellow. i say its blue and green. if anything were both wrong, and its blue and yellow. but thats neither here nor there. but i do have to admit, im half lame and slighlty obsessed with some youtuber "pogo". dave showed it to me and this guy basically creates songs out of nothing but sound bytes from movies. my personal favorite pogo "song" if you will is the one from alice in wonderland. as jefferson said, its early moby-esque.

saturday -- the cox's baby shower! which, was awesome once we got there. but being a hostess with no car on the day of was a bit taxing on my nerves. i felt pretty dng useless. but once i got there and dave was cooking and we were setting stuff out, it was great. can i just say how much i adore them? theyre good people. and they hit the jackpot! they got some really great cute stuff for baby charlotte. and the nursery is starting to come together. they just hung this really adorable chandelier. its kickass. i would never have thought of that! anywho...after the baby shower we (of course) went back to their house and played mafia (anyone remember that game were everyone has their heads down and someone is the mafia and someone is the cop) it was amusing! especially since all the guys were belligerently drunk. i just mostly hung out with shan and held baby wyatt. hes so freakin adorable! and then we moved on to drunk pictionary and other shenanigans. it was greatness.

sunday -- i hung around the house. then dave got off work and we went and split some scrumptious nachos at jorges and swung through starbucks to grab me and ash some mochas and then headed over to the coxs to watch true blood. honor of my persistent annoying home decor habits (i want to redecorate the living room yet again! for the third time and weve only been in the house 9 months!) here are some awesome little trinkets that i am currently coveting.

ive pinned after one of these for two years now. (baha pinned, get it?)
its a pine "lumen" that creates amazing shadows. (i like the bird one)

thomas paul "flourish" side plates. i ADORE them.
i guess melamine is pretty tacky to ask as a wedding gift, huh?

harry allen's "offer" hand hook. you guys know im weird.
and for some reason, i think this is just the best. i want it.

i want to get dave a "clocky" but i think he would kill me.
look at how awesome it is. and try and tell me it wouldnt be funny.

"nesting bird pillow" its all graphic-like and fun.

im lovin these retro "latte bowls" from anthropologie


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