summer favorites

i decided to make a list of all my summer favorites. ready, go!

favorite summer books: (favorite summer books because theyre all quick and easy chick lit reads. theyre all good pool side books, naw'mean?) i promise i wont mislead you...if youre looking for good chick lit books to pass the me, this list is for you. i read at least 3 books a week, and these are my faves. (and no, im not a vampire guru, it just seems to be the trend!)

1. The Undead Series by MaryJanice Davidson
2. The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer (gotta prepare for new moon in nov!)
3. The Sookie Stackhouse Series by Charlaine Harris
4. The Aurora Teagarden Series by Charlaine Harris
5. The Flynn Brothers Trilogy by Heather Graham

side note: i have read everything Charlaine Harris has ever written, and i love her. shes dark and twisted but sarcastically hysterical. i have also read anything paranormal Heather Graham has written (i don't do historical romances...blech. no offense!) but Heather Graham is my favorite author EVER. actually ive also read all the books Stephenie Meyer has written so far (not a biggie considering its the twilight saga and then the host, which was good...different for sure, but entertaining enough.) and i am currently working through all MaryJanice Davidson's long list of series. which im looking forward to because all three of her series eventually intertwine somehow.

Favorite TV Shows:
1. Gossip Girl (i know, i know...leave me alone. Dave and Zeke LOVE it! they cant get enough! were watching it via DVD)
2. Weeds (hysterical! we just started but dave and i are both addicted)
3. TrueBlood (love, though it gets slightly annoying with all the new story lines in the show that arent in the book, but im still a huge fan)
4. Hung (ridiculous plot + dry humor = match made in heaven)
5. So You Think You Can Dance (leave me alone, i love it! im sad tonights the finale though!)

Favorite Summer Pick Me Ups:
1. Starbucks Venti Mocha Latte (i know its hot, but its just so damn tasty)
2. Starbucks Shaken Lemonade Iced Tea (passion tea and lemonade = ecstacy!)
3. Fuji Water (i go drive to a certain gas station just to get them on sale!)
4. Blackberry Wine (delicious!)
5. Sonic Powerade (love sonic ice!)

Summer Must Haves at all times:
1. Homemade Lip Gloss by LaFaeVert (daves friend's fiance) my fav is the chocolate peppermint and dave likes the healing sweet orange.
2. My sweet OP Shades (freakin 5 bucks at walmart, i have turquoise, dave has red)
3. iPhone (how else could i listen to cobra starship on repeat and text away my boredom at work?)
4. On The Go Hand Sanitizer (swine flu, duh! plus it smells pretty!)
5. A Headband (i have been all about the head bands lately, any kind - sporty, cute, decorative -- if it gets my hair out of my face, im all about it)

Favorite Songs to sing and/or dance in my car to: (top 5 that come to my head, theres LOTS more!)
1. Blame It by Jamie Foxx
2. Good Girls by Cobra Starship & Leighton Meester
3. I am a Man of Stone by the Toadies
4. Romeo & Juliet by Monte Montgomery
5. Skin & Bones by the Foo Fighters

so those are my lists, another short and sweet blog. enjoy!


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