wedding stuff & new orleans

were getting married. in a little over a year. and thats a long time, right? then why do i feel like it is vastly approaching and i am unprepared. well, not for married life. im ready to be mrs. david denton! (shannon denton...thats a LOT of n's) for all those who actually pay attention. wedding plans are officially changed. well, theyve been changed for a bit, but its officially official. getting married in february in colorado is OUT (though it would have been beautiful!) and we are getting married in my parents backyard. and my mom is starting to want some concrete details, which we havent thought about yet, but were slowly working on it! BUT for those that have seen my parents house....amazing, right? and those that havent, my mom and dad are like...plant crazy. landscape architects, to be exact. and we now have...a pool, hot tub, a green house, an amazing outdoor kitchen, a man shack (yeah, i said it.) and now, a koi pond. not to mention the kickass outdoor fire place. its like a resort.

geez, we got some good use out of the backyard. every weekend and nearly everyday of summer in highschool we were at my house. i would wake up to adam and hollis already at my house bugging my mom. and then everyone else would come over and we would hang around until wee hours of the morning and then do it all over again. we would jump out the second story window, jump into the pool off the manshack, hide out in the manshack from parents (or the cops on a few occasions). not too mention, now everytime we go visit we spend majority of our time out there, josh, dave, zeke, and i always end up out there drinking and playing cards. its like an oasis. so it only seems right. (plus, we have WAY more creative control this way.) AND mom and dad are hyped cause now theyre re-doing the patio to make it feel more "new orleans-esque" or in my families case "n'awlins". which is also fitting considering we will be spending our honeymoon in good old NOLA. i know right, were weird. but HYPED about being somewhere that is so culturally rich. (plus, i really just want to cruise the french quarter and take a walking ghost/graveyard tour -- i know, i told you were seriously odd.) i need to find out if its still around...but id love to take a day trip and see the house my grandmother grew up in. man, now im getting myself excited about it all over again! dave and i just arent...sit around kinda people. if were gonna go on vacation, we would like to see things and experience things. (dave cant wait to get himself some truly cajun spicy jumbalaya or gumbo.) ANYWHO...

being inspired by our impending nuptuals (and all my research)...i wanted to share a few QUICK pics of OUR favorite things thus far...(were going all vintage style)

kickass vintage-esque vinyl player/grooms cake.

rustic kissing ball, hang a few in the trees, ya?

dark purple callalilies. beautiful, right?

hanging lanterns in all the trees instead of christmas lights?

my new favorite thanks to monique. cherry wine from colorado.
dont knock it til you try it. its not too sweet. its perfect!

thats all for now. sorry its lame, i only had a few minutes to blog. because today has been a hectic day at work BUT i needed a quick little distraction. now, if only the next half hour will graciously fly by so i can quickly swing by the house, put on some shorts and flip flops, kiss dave hi and bye, and meet ashley t up at tequila tonys for some much needed margaritas. later gators.


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