im such a slacker! so heres a good update from the weekend, and i will do better this upcoming week...in fact i think i may even post up two blogs today!

friday: i got my hair did. its super cute and adorable even if it is a little peter pan-esque but SO much easier to work with. (though ash and monique told me i was being ridiculous.) and then off to mike & jenn's engagement party (dave's older brother and his fiance) went better than i anticipated! i think just because i knew more people than i expected! it was good to see everyone (and dave was so cute showing me off and acting like a big man...) and i got to play with all the little babies AND meet their cousins on their dads side (and i already adore them! they were so sweet AND hilarious) so after we ate and chatted with everyone we helped with the clean up and then headed over to jefferson and ashleys, of course. and everyone ate and drank and chatted and the guys drank more. i kept flitting around between talking to libby and erin (the cousins) and stealing babies! (poor shan, i cant NOT steal wyatt from her anytime she brings him over! i cant wait for our own cute little chubby babies!) anywho...it was awesome. everyone was being goofy and talking and telling stories and listening to music. it was a great night. we didnt get home til close to 4am. and then i hardcore crashed out and actually slept in for once!

saturday: i slept in til almost noon which is unheard of in my world! but oh so nice! and then me and dave and zeke headed over to the mcintosh's to meet up with everyone for a bbq and swimfest. it was great! i never get to swim and lounge around anymore. everyone was in the pool and all the babies were in the pool. and we kept traipsing around out front to catch a glimpse of the ginormous owl that lives in their front yard. SO pretty. so we swam and snacked and then swam and ate and then swam some more. it was a long day. and then of course back over to jefferson and ashleys for another light night of shenanigans and a repeat of the night before. and again it was great, though i know dave and i were both a little sad to say bye to libby and erin. but at least they will be back for the wedding in october! and then of course more drunken shenanigans on the boys part and me stealing babies again. and finally dragged dave and jefferson apart about 4:15ish because i was about to pass out.

sunday: we slept in late again (of course) then went to mcalisters for a late lunch and ran into daves brother and chatted with him. then jefferson and ashley called and they came over to the house and then we headed out to midland to take noah to the pet store and then go get ice cream. then the grocery store for a big fajita cook out. and i attempted to recreate the rice from chipotle and i think dave and i did a pretty damn good job! it was tasty! of course even more shenanigans and foolishness and then we all gathered 'round and watched true blood...awesome! well, last night was half lame and half sad, but theres only three more episodes left and im hyped!

just try and tell me that you would not just love to play with these precious angels:

noah! jefferson and ashleys preciouspie.
and my boyfriend. is he not the cutest thing EVER?!

jackson and wyatt. cary and shans sons. i think this photo is hilarious!
cute little wiggles and the MOST adorable boys!

i desperately wish i had a picture of colton, monique and dustins
new little 2 month old. he is SO damn cute. and teeny.

now you all can see why i always steal their babies from them!

ok so....i have BIG news! i was completely inspired by daves cousin Libby. she currently teaches lacrosse but she is starting her own pie company (i know, right? adorable!) shes just going for it. she was telling me how she just kind of fell into it and how shes going to be making pies but each with a fun twist (im not going to divulge all her cute ideas but trust me, youre gonna be jealous! shes so creative!) all her ideas sound amazing and delicious! shes a very admirable woman, and i already have so much respect for her that i cannot even explain. she completely inspired me. instead of waiting for something to happen, im just going to go for it and just like she said..."whats the worst that can happen? you tried?" and i am completely taking it to heart...so thanks to miss Libby.....

Kate Cotten Designs is expanding! it will no longer be just original paintings and handmade/painted bracelets....but also notebooks, invitations, notecards, tshirts, and art prints! how exciting is that? im beyond uber hyped. unfortunately, seeing as how i prefer instant gratification, now that ive decided thats the next step forward i want to take...im hacked off i cant do it immediately, i want it to be done and available for sale right this very minute! but im hoping by the end of september at the latest i will have all my "ducks in a row" so to speak and it will all be available in my etsy shop and hopefully even a few more boutiques! wish me luck! its a big step and an exciting one!

i , will keep blogging about my progress im sure. and once libby opens for business i will be sure to give everyone details of where and how to get your hands on one of her delicious mini-pies! (shes going to be based out of austin so all you austinites get excited!)


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