the dreaded valentines day...

valentines day, you either love it or hate it. before anyone viciously attacks me about commercialism or single's awareness day...just know, i have heard it all. impossible to live in a dorm with 200 other hormonal females and not hear the rants...those who banded together and had the traditional "i $@(*&# hate guys" parties with lots of femmefatal movies and booze, and end up crying in their pillow. to those who spent HOURS upon HOURS getting ready and spend TONS at salons to look perfect and spend all this time reconstructing some mushy scene from earlier in their relationship. either way...who said valentines day is just for couples? i am all about sending valentines to your best girl friend, your long lost roommate, nieces, nephews, you name it.

now, i will say, dave and i have never had a successful valentines day, he always gets stuck working, and i usually treat myself to starbucks and watch some crappy reality tv and fall asleep early. but, that doesnt stop us from doing a little something or other for each other. the last few years i have just made him some yummy dessert i dont usually make throughout the year, and he will get me a little trinket of sorts. so here are some of my favorite valentines picks...enjoy!

*edit: i was going to do valentines for anyone and everyone, and then the more i got to looking and finding things and picking my favorites, and so instead of the original plan of 'for him' and 'for her' and best friend, and all that jazz...i just picked my favorites. so, nonetheless, enjoy!

lets make out pillow by alexandraferguson.

i cant believe valentines day card by gramkinpaperstudio.

key to my heart valentines owl by TheCupcakeGirls.

you are all i need letterpress mini poster by rollandtumblepress.

tough love pillow by PeteandPaul.

say it in french for valentines day necklace by bugbugstudio.

be mine - anatomical heart embroidery by mydarlingdinosaur.

ich liebe dich valentine pin by feralgirl.

forever smitten - for holding hands with that special someone by lovedriven.

lets spoon tshirt by blackbirdtees.

this must be love vinyl decal by OffTheWallExpression.

valentine - red feather headband or clip by LovMely.


Anonymous said... / January 28, 2010 at 3:34 PM  

Thanks for including my Smitten in your DREADED Valentine post! I really like all your other finds as well!

Bug Bug Studio said... / January 29, 2010 at 9:29 AM  

such fun choices! : )

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