wedding registry...

so everyone keeps telling us we need to get on the ball with the wedding registry. which is making me freak out, because i have been trying as hard as possible to ignore that fact, or add even one more thing no matter how big or small to our to-do list. but, i know it will be fun once we get in the mode, or at least thats what everyone keeps telling us. but, can i just say, i love etsy. i am addicted. but i wish they would get on the ball...

i emailed sometime last fall, to the etsy questions and suggestions, and i wrote in that they should have a etsy wedding registry! (how AWESOME would that be!) and they said thank you for the suggestion, they have had other people tell them the same idea, and that they were currently working on it. at the time...i was like i have a whole year until we get married, SWEET ACTION! i can totally register on etsy for the wedding! but its ok...dave and i will register for all the neat stuff we want and then i can keep entertaining myself with me etsy addiction! BUT....hypothetically, if i could register on etsy...check out these sweet finds...enjoy!

1950's or 60's set of six drinking glasses by JeanB123.

top hats and pearls print by blackoutwell.

vintage bird cage 'liberty lantern' by Atelier688.

big bad wolf by rubyslounge.

vintage solid brass matching pair of deer bookends by vyeshi.

set of four bone appetit 9 in dinner plates by foldedpigs.

love in french (knots) embroidered wall art by GoodBehavior.

custom tree print pillow cover by cozyblue.

complete wooden salad serving set by inmynest.

60's glam hollywood regency wall sconces by fabulousmess.

cast iron deer knocker with antlers by mechanicalstag.

tall wood drawer by Hindsvik.

circa 1950's-70's retro green goblets by fixthepain.

vintage gathering bohemian upcycled frames by timelessNchic.

hello i love you print by Juliapott.


The Retrench Report said... / May 10, 2010 at 2:05 PM  

thanks so much for including my've picked some great things! would be awesome, i agree to have a gift registry on Etsy

timelessNchic said... / May 10, 2010 at 2:11 PM  

Hello - a gift registry is a FABULOUS idea...kudos! And thanks BUNCHES for including me !!!!

meredith host said... / May 10, 2010 at 6:25 PM  

thanks for including my dinner plate set! i have had people register in my shop through etsy for their weddings! just sayin'... :) -meredith/foldedpigs-

Robin said... / May 10, 2010 at 6:30 PM  

These are great items you've chosen, thanks for including my salad set! I agree, a gift registry is a fantastic idea! I hope that etsy adds one, I'm sure it would be a popular tool.


Anna W. said... / May 11, 2010 at 7:32 AM  

i love etsy too and I added items to gift list. I saw someone mention it on an etsy board in 2009 (since sometimes you don't want to register for the standard department store drab - my mom is on my case agggrh!). Also, an extra perk is the iphone zapper app myregistry offers in case you want to zap items from any local stores you like - we is what we did. Not sure when you're tying the knot but I'm one of those stressed out brides as well and would love to exchange tips if you want!


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