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ok, so please dont judge me for my lack of blogging lately. i promise once i finally get some wedding projects completed and crossed off of my list, ill be back to it like a fiend. i miss my lovely blogging and sharing all my great etsy finds! and im blaming the fact that since i havent been blogging, i dont have an outlet, so instead i have just buying everything i find on etsy like mad!

so todays blog is a short sharing session about my recent wedding plans, etsy buys, and my *finally* completed vintage brooch bouquet! enjoy!


i lucked into finding THE MOST GORGEOUS dress for the rehearsal dinner! hand made by the ever talented iesha of audreyandgrace. just try and tell me that it isnt beautiful! with that special vintage flair? i feel so privileged to be able to wear one of her gorgeous creations!

Ravishing Ultra Elegant Custom Floral Sweetheart Dress by audreyandgrace.



dave and i came across this amazing vase one night when we were actually searching for boutonnieres, it fits the wedding so perfectly, how could i pass it up?!


 art deco style bird vase by redtruckdesigns.  

one of my favorite finds has been by a talented fellow fun-lovin' texan, courtney of timelessNchic. not only did she make me laugh in all of our traded messages, but she takes these plain picture frames and creates these perfectly "aged" antiqued frames that are just wonderful! my mom and i each purchased a lot from her, and theyre super kick ass! i cant wait to use them at the wedding, and then hang them in my living room!

bohemian eclectic chic - a vintage gathering by timelessNchic.

another one of my finds i am super excited about is by becca of DivineLionesss. everything in her shop is eco-friendly! made without adhesives and all that, and anything that is not biodegradable is either recycled or repurposed. and i had been eyeing her tapioca wood blooms for a while, and finally purchased them! two sets that were planning on putting them on the table with the guest book! we also purchased tags for our favors that are plantable! how sweet is that? so when the guests take the tags home they can plant them and up pop oregano and thyme. awesome!

tapioca wood blooms by DivineLionesss.

50 herb seeded plantable tags by DivineLionesss.

i also bit off more than i can chew with attempting to take on the task of making our own dinner napkins, and pillows. why would i add yet another project to my list? im not sure. but theyre AWESOME fabrics! even if nothing at the wedding really matches! i found all these great anna maria horner fabrics i liked, and bought each design in two different color schemes. here is a sneak peek of the fabrics:

many thanks to the following shops for supplying the great fabric and working with me on creating custom listing and custom yard requests: fabricworm, materialgirlchic, thefabricfarm, sewdeerlyloved, and imaginefabric.




and last but NOT least, diane of the aptly named etsy shop, DianeA creates the most magnificent multi sided paper ball garden that dave says just reads "casual romance". she creates them all and strings them by hand. i was mesmerized the first time i came across them, as soon as i showed dave he thought they were just the coolest things, so we started thinking of places to put them, and so of course i commissioned her the very next day! i am EXTREMELY excited about all the garland! shes wonderful!


pretty multi sided paper ball garland by DianeA.


so as you can tell, i am REALLY excited with everything that has been going on for the wedding. of course there is much more but these are my recent favorites! it literally is an all etsy wedding. and i could not be more pleased with it! dave is also pretty pumped about it because like he told me last night, he feels like we have been fortunate enough to "meet" all these great etsy sellers that are helping us make this wedding VERY us. it has our style written all over it, and our personality will be screaming from every nook and cranny! i just love how its all coming together, i have to admit, it makes me giddy!

now, im only sharing this with blog readers first! so get excited! i completed my vintage brooch bouquet last night, and though i am no expert, i am EXTREMELY thrilled with how well i pulled it off! and much as i was cursing and yelling last night when i kept flipping poking myself with the pins, i am SO glad i did it myself. it means that much more to me, that much more to dave, and we can keep it always. 

so here it is, after two other rough drafts (first, a moss ball, and then a half circle of styrofoam) i just sat down with some 18 gauge floral wire and an assortment of lovely brooches: half passed down in my family, and half from wonderful etsy sellers! and went to town. i wish i had gotten pictures of it in the making, but i was on a mission! so here are the first sneak peeks...(sorry the pictures arent super fantastic it was late, i was exhausted, and they got taken with the iPhone, and we still have to finish the "handle" of the bouquet) and as always: feedback is appreciated :)


::drum roll please:: 


side view:

view from the top:


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