just throwing this out there...i probably have the most kick ass brother. be jealous. im just sayin, hes pretty awesome.

this weekend in dallas was great. i got spoiled. won a party at charming charlies and walked out with some sweet purple ugg boots, and some sweet jewelry and match all eleven of my new shirts. and my sweet cardigan. and sweater hoodie. OH! and i scored some sweet wins at half price books. i got dave some rockin old school vinyl: eric clapton, jimi hendrix, led zepplin, and queen (which i have to admit, queen, is mostly for me) and sixty, yes, you read it correct, sixty new books. oh and i found dave a vintage looking pink floyd shirt at guess? old navy of all places! so he was excited! well, not about my 60 books. considering i already have hundreds. but, he loves all his gifts and my new clothes, so it was a super win all around.

but it was mostly awesome just because it was the first time since christmas i actually got to spend any real length of time with my brother. and he is a super genius. and im not saying that because im biased he really is. and its almost sickening. but hes awesome. we had fun. and drove the parental units crazy. which is always amusing.

as soon as i get back to odessa and dave picks me up from the airport we get home and dave has cleaned the ENTIRE house. every stitch of laundry washed and hung up. every surface area sparkling. it was amazing. hes such a gem. but of course, its spotless and then i bring home all these ridiculous goodies and tons of stuff extra. but we got it all squared away thankfully. but after i got home we went over to ash and jeffersons for their fantasy football draft. doc and kathleen got a bunch of wings from wingstop and we just hung around. it was awesome. except ash and i were munching on some toblerone chocolate that doc and kathleen brought them straight from france and i dropped them in the beans. and then had a crazy dream about how i became a millionaire when i created this new dessert. im so weird.

random rant: did everyone hear the new state fair fried dessert this year is....fried butter?! what?! who seriously wants to eat fried butter? just the thought makes me want to yarf.

anywho. then yesterday, since dave worked monday he had last night off and we had a nice little date dinner. it was scrumptious then we headed over to (where else?) jefferson and ashleys. and hung around with them watching man vs wild in west texas! it was CRAZY. and then the colony. which i had never seen before. it was...interesting to say the least...but it was awesome.

which brings me to my awesome new favorites list: art prints.

ive had this weird obsession lately with art prints. well, for a while. i just wish i had more wall space. here are a few of my favorites....

Perching Ravens by youareconstance.
i really love the colors and the placement.
i think its eerily elegant. ya, i said it.

anything by hammerpress is a total win in my book.
im also partial to the one they did for spoon.
actually, im partial to most everything of theirs.
ive been a fan for the last 3 years. check em out.

Owl on Red Branch
by badbird.
i am totally digging on the simplicity and
random pops of color. i seriously love it.

secret handshake by Jennifer Davis.
shes my new favorite. i have been coveting her for a while.
all of her work is so interesting and intricate. amazing.
i have a girl crush on her.

Recruiting A New Alice in Wonderland by tartx.
my new favorite. dave and i actually just bought this!
dont judge. you know you love it. and now we own it :)


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