cold, rainy days...

since i havent updated in a while, i was planning on this mass blog, and then i decided i was bored with it. so, instead being inspired by the cold and rainy days as of late, here are a few of my most coveted rainy days item. i need them. enjoy...

cuddle up in a comfy chair like this one,
the lulu chair by urbanoutfitters. i loves it.

a warm, soft blanket is a must! like this cashmere
fringe throw from ralph lauren.

i want these adorable coffee cups by bread&badger so freakin bad. with my coffee addiction. and them being precious? i think i just may order them.

and get a gander at these kick ass, teensy espresso cups by acero studios. i think i just may need to order these to match the skull mugs. tres cute!

i bought this while i was in dallas. and so far, ive lived in it. its amazing...long, soft, and its gots a hood on it! toggle front sweater from old navy.

of course, somewhere for the pups to get warm and cozy. royal canopy dog bed by callingalldogs. over the top, i know. but my mom has one for her dogs like it. and its great.

and if you do decide to go outside and weather the storm.....

check out these houndstooth rain boots at target. for some reason houndstooth always reminds me of my aunt nancy. im going to go get them this weekend. :)

and i need this. i mean really. just look at it! is it NOT the cutest umbrella youve ever seen?! rose birdcage umbrella by lulu guiness. genius!


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