again with the vintage...

im in such a throwback kind of mood today. ive been listening to journey and fleetwood mac in my car. so instead of wracking my much-muddled brain to think of a single going to go vintage style yet again. and can i just say that i love the holidays but spending all the money that goes along with the holidays is not so bueno. if i could, i would buy every single one of these finds. are my awesome vintage etsy finds, enjoy!

vintage hoffman hex ring by UpCrippleCreek.

vintage brass owl by thepuddingstorevint.

vintage necklace by PassingItOn.

vintage 80's clouchy knubby knit sweater by vintagemarmalade.

small peacock change purse by DecadesOfDesire.

vintage bracelet - blue enameled flower bracelet with rhinestones by tomatored.

vintage china tea cup set by JuJuToo.

vintage brown USS army issue glasses 1960's by Nerdybird.

vintage seafoam mermaid sundress by TheVintagerie.

rosebud earrings spray me with faux pearls earrings by bartonstones.

vintage lipstick red ceramic bust by TheLovelys.

vintage scottie dogs black and white bookends by whisperywind.

friday night by CapriciousTraveler.

ceramic deer vase by Hindsvik.

1960-70's costume jewelry adjustable ring peacock by therpsajik.

robins egg blue green smith corona sterling portable typewriter by pinguim.


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