throwback arcade games...

if youre like me, and a product of the 80's -- how many of us grew up on the old NES system and gameboys and all that nonsense? i know my brother and i sure were obsessed. my favorite is still zelda. especially on N64. dave also got it for me for wii, which is AWESOME by the way. anywho....last night when i was sitting around i was like...hey! i should make a pac man bracelet! (which i forgot to take a picture of) but of course, it inspired me to honor the throwback arcade games of yesteryears with some sweet etsy finds...enjoy!

ms pac man mary janes by emandsprout.

bathtub arcade - vegan soap set - tetris inspired by DirtyAssSoaps.

super mario brothers item bracelet by nerdgoddess.

space invader ring by sculleydesign.

classic NES super mario/duck hunt desk clock by 8BitMemory.

q bert retro faded tee by notyourmomsvinyl.

NES nintendo legend of zelda pocket watch by iheartglitter.

pacman-blinky and inky pillow cover-12x16-eco friendly by modernality.

tetris barrette by gimmeswords.

nintendo super mario yoshi eating apple macbook art vinyl decal by lildecalshoppe.

punk rock 80's baby gift set space invaders by lowleepop.

 duck hunt pins by slevin11.

tri force zelda stud earrings by crimsonking.


Modernality said... / December 4, 2009 at 10:13 AM  

I love geek chic items!! What great stuff. Thanks for including me!

Not Your Mom's Vinyl said... / December 4, 2009 at 11:06 AM  

Thanks for blogging about my Q Bert shirt!

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