the other day i got on etsy (surprise, surprise) and then i was searching through while doing my throwback retro arcade blog and came across this necklace that i just fell in love with by jillian1984 (see first one below) and.... *ding!* here is my homage to all things tom-boyish, flirty and punkish, feminine and kick ass and some just down right in your face eff'yous!...enjoy!

*warning: some offensive language*

a delicate threat. medium necklace. by jillian1984.

rabid fox beast master ring by fleathers.

iamthegrenade by graphicmaniac.

womens floral purple blue striped boxer briefs by sheshodesigns.

no. 157 - bullet and coral necklace by dinosaurtoes.

fuck, shit, damn, ass, hell tote by printliberation.

geek collection - windsor tie pendant by MollyStuff.

tie me up tie me down necktie skirt in gold and black by glamarita.

bad ass hand stamped oxidized sterling silver star bracelet by MetalTaboo.

green gun barrettes by leroylovesmabel.

gone huntin' necklace by Leviticus.

camo chick tutu skirt by SistersOfTheMoon.


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