best. christmas. ever.

seriously. best. christmas. ever.

truly, best christmas ever. it was an absolute blast. me and dave got spoiled ROTTEN! it was awesome. among my favorites are my new hp mini laptop and my sony ereader and dave got a fully stocked fish tank, its huge! with stand and all...fluval, currents, live rock, nets, hoses, water, fish, and a whole mess of other things that i have no idea what its used for, but basically we are fully stocked and dont need anything but more fish if we want it. and i got dave a grill. well, grill is an understatement. an outdoor kitchen of sorts. with heating drawers, lights, all that stuff...check it out...

dave thinks its sexy... 7ft tall, almost 9ft long, and 500+lbs. so he better freakin love it! and make me delicious food on it. grilled shrimp, please! anywho...the holidays with my family were a super win. dad and dave made a horseradish smothered beef tenderloin, and we just hung around all day. it was hilarious watching dad try to play call of duty. other than holiday festivities, we ate at the best place ever...henks real german food in the middle of dallas. dave and i both got the hot amsterdam...dutch ham, dutch gouda, horseradish, and dave got sauerkraut. most delicious meal ever....weird picture to share i know...but the hot and spicy german potato salad was a super win!

i got to see my very favorite mister ryon buchman, we ate some alligator tail and saw avatar in 3D which was...AMAZINGLY KICK ASS. truly! i didnt even want to see...i totally loved it! and 3D was awesome. me, dave, and walker went to the bodies exhibit in downtown dallas. anyone heard of it? heres the website. and heres a picture...

it was amazing. we all loved it. but i am not going to say much since its a controversial topic. but let me say this...if you are interested, definitely take the time out and go see it. we also went to the dallas aquarium, which of course the boys went crazy over since they now appreciate it more, having their own saltwater tanks. but my favorites were the cute little baby penguins, the manatee, the leopard, and of course...the owl. he was my friend! he was facing away from everyone. people in front of us were complaining that they couldnt even see the owl, and as soon as i walk up he turns around and poses for me! here he handsome!

plus a thousand other fun things! it was the best trip dave and i have taken to dallas. and the best christmas ever! i hope all of you had a very merry holidays and got to spend time with the people you love most! now...lets hope 2010 is an amazing year for us all! cheers!


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