white christmas....

ok so this weekend while we were watching football, of course we saw a lot of the games were getting pushed back because of the ridiculous amounts of snow some places were getting. i know, its a half ridiculous inspiration...but then i started thinking of how nice it would be to have a white christmas (ya...right. in texas...in my dreams.) and long story short....its my snowy white etsy finds....enjoy!

thick 'n sketchy scarf in wheat by fray.

mr. darcy propsal dish towel by brookish.

pride - a glamorous elegant gothic lolita crystal crown necklace by ghostlove.

sailors's lover blouse by esoneofone.

chandelier print black white long scarf wrap by prettyraccoon.

bunnies ring by dillondesigns.

snow white wristlet by EightSeasons.

ceramic owl planter vintage design by fruitflypie.

petal collar cream colored woolen jacket by PureHeartDesigns.

mae bracelet - vintage rhinestones, pearls, and silver by EricaLeilaniDesigns.

heres lookin at you, reindeer silhouette pillow by Eristotle.

polar bear print 8x10 by berkleyillustrations.

cole curly white feather headband by FeatherBrain.

flowers with a wink by OldWaysPastPieces.

little chirp ceramic wall clock by lurearts.


wendy said... / December 21, 2009 at 2:40 PM  

Beautiful picks, I love them all, thanks so much for including my owl planter and thank you for such nice compliments! :)

fashionspa said... / December 21, 2009 at 3:45 PM  

wow, your selection is gorgeous! very inspiring... thank you for making me part it with my sailor's lover blouse... cheers and a merry white Christmas:)

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