i feel like i have an elephant on my chest

guess who was right? so i went to the doctor again today.....hooray i lasted until 10:15 today! a whole extra hour than yesterday. i feel like death. anywho...doctor...so apparently i have an ear infection, with an added sinus infection, with a bonus of a summer flu, and the cherry on top: an "extreme" case of bronchitis. go me! and if im not careful, it could turn into walking pneumonia. man, when i do things, i do them right! oh and another bonus: i have to remain on bed rest for another 24 hours. im bored, i feel like death, i feel like i have an elephant sitting on my chest. and the wheezing is not attractive. but im bored at home. i cant do anything productive flat on my back in bed. but, i did watch twilight three times back to back. so thats a win. man, im so lame.

and i did get my new beads in! that was about the extent of my excitement today, so i already have ideas swirling around in my head. and once i can stop hacking and wheezing long enough to not shake uncontrollably i will begin working on my new bracelets.

but, as always, if you cant wait for my new stuff...i mean, you could always just go to katecotten.etsy.com (lame plug, i know. just let it slide this time.)


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