sneak peek....

i know i kept saying i was going to post pictures, and finally, here they are. they are not yet available on etsy. but i will be posting them up for sale later on this evening. but here is a sneak peek of the alexandria and the kiley.

THE KILEY: hand painted skull graphics. no lie, my new favorite one. I ADORE IT. its the best pop when youre wearing it. the reverse side is silver, blue, green, and purple plaid. it is tres cute! i wore it just to the grocery store and had five ladies stop me and compliment me on it. it is a total win. but, then again, im a little biased. (plus, im in love with all my new spring color beads!)

THE ALEXANDRIA: i got this idea from sitting around one night with my friends. we were saying how cute it would be to have a bracelet with a tux on one side and a dress on the other. WELL, that was the original plan, but then after the dress (which i happen to be very proud of the details when you see it up close) i couldnt bare to do a tux on the other side, because i didnt think i could make it as cute as the dress, so instead it is still my signature plaid on the other side. but none-the-less, i have to admit, i think this is my best one. details and painting wise. plus, i am totally digging on the monochromatic color scheme.

so there you have it. a teensy sneak peek at the bracelets. i have more to upload these are just my favorites of the moment. and anyone who knows/sells/buys off of etsy knows that you have to have awesome pictures. i mean, your stuff has to look good! and well, lets face it folks, my pictures arent the greatest. so i am hoping by the middle of next week, i will have something set up and will be able to post amazing, and complimentary pictures of my stuff instead of blurry pictures taken from my iphone. so wish me luck!

(ps: i am hoping to squeeze in another post later of some more of my favorite keep a look out. i promise, it will be worth it!)


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