i have a new favorite designer. and if i win the lottery, i will have something of hers on every wall of my house. i dont know if anyone has ever heard of her before, but its all new to me: Conni Reed of Consuela. i am IN love. i went to this little boutique here in odessa on saturday for the first time, and i turned a corner and there it all was, beautifully displayed and such bright colors. she does home decor, accents, jewelry, all that. but i seriously am completely in love with all her crosses and jewlery boxes. i loved it so much i totally took back what i had gotten my mom for her birthday (it was uber lame in comparison) and got her one of the amazing crosses....check it out....

adorably cute, colorful, vintage-looking picture frame. i think i have a new crush. i think im gonna need this to put an engagement picture in. definitely.

crosses galore. all different shapes, sizes, colors, accents. i bought this one the other day. it was love at first sight. im tempted to steal it, and get my mom another present for her birthday :)

i am in lust. i want this so bad i can taste it, so i, not-so-subtly dropped hints to my handsome, sweet, caring, perfect fiance....*wink*wink*

just try to tell me youre not slightly in love now either. seriously. go check out her website, my blogging does not do it justice. consuelastyle.com you can thank me later :)

viva consuela!


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