ive been inspired...

let me tell the world, so you can all watch me fall on my face...

my fiance and i are going to save up the money (and in the meantime pray that we win the lottery), so i can quit my day job and see if i can make a real go at the jewelry/painting thing. im confident if i had the time and the monetary funds to take a hiatus from the 9-5, that i could really make Kate Cotten Designs work for me. im not saying im going to uber famous. but i KNOW i could do more. so i am giving myself a timeline of three months (once we have the funds to do so, well, at least so i dont have to freak out all the time.)

right now, it is impossible working 7:45 to 5:30 every day, coming home, then sitting down and doing nothing but painting all night. dont get me wrong, i love painting! it is my great love (besides dave of course!) and amazingly awesome & supportive friends, and the cutest little..."nephew"/friends baby in the whole world. and i would like to be able to have my job as painting/creating/designings, and still have some time for a small social life. i dont want to become a hermit.

i know. im selfish. im like...i want my cake and eat it too! but really, my ideal day would be something like this: i would like to be able to get out of bed at 7, drink a cup of coffee on the patio with a paper or magazine, go inside, get dressed, and get to work. i could paint five medallions before lunch, take a lunch break, ship off any packages i had, go back home and string them all and then paint another two or three and string them. work until 7 at night. and still be able to have dinner with my fiance and then if i wanted/needed i could work until i went to bed. or go babysit noah or go to a movie. that would be my ideal life. but first, we either need to win the lottery, or i keep telling my fiance he just needs to invent something super kick ass!

ah, big dreams. lets see if i can make it happen....so stay tuned so you can wish me luck and congratulate me, or watch me fail miserably.


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