squished smurf...?

i know this has nothing to do with designing or anything. and it is probably going to make everyone hate me. but, i just want to share with the world what a horrible (almost) sister-in-law i am.

so last night was dave's (fiance) little brothers birthday. he turned the big 2-1, and i mean, when youre a 21 year old boy youre supposed to go out and celebrate. let me share a little of last night with you...

so dave gets a call from his mom saying that for patricks birthday, he decided he wanted to go to carinos for dinner. so the whole family was going to meet up there at six. (parents, dave and me, patrick (birthday boy) and his girlfriend, and daves older brother and his fiance.) which i may add, that never happens. i cannot remember the last time all three denton brothers were all in the same room. ANYWHO...we go to dinner, and since its patricks 21st, everyone orders a drink, beers for the boys, scotch for dave, and bellinis for the girls. awesome. well, since patrick never drinks, he is feeling peachy with the two beers at dinner. well eventually dinner comes to an end. and everyone is asking patrick what hes doing, if his friends are taking him out, etc. he says that his friends all bailed on him and he needed to go home and finish "a little homework" because he still has a paper he "kinda needs to work on." but he says its "not a big deal, he can come out for a little while" so dave convinces him that its his 21st birthday, and as a right of passage that he needs to go to a bar. so we decide to go to this bar here in odessa where daves older brothers fiance works, and shes about to go in to work, so we might as well go there.

so we go to ten. and since its a monday, it is EMPTY. so we all sit at a table and were talking and having fun, joking around, and putting music on the jukebox. swell. patrick starts off with a beer. he finishes that, and i start teasing him that hes got to take a shot because its his birthday! so of course, since jen is working she bring out the "big bad-ass book of shots"....

and it has over 1400 shots in there. so we start going through and laugh at the names and eventually pick a few he needs to try. LONG story short....he ends up taking shots with such names as the squished smurf (which i giggled at, and then sampled, it was actually quite delicious!), the hard on, a slippery pickle, flaming dr. pepper, irish coffee slammer, a bugs bunny, super high or something like that, and some guy at the bar bought him two shots that were huge and super bright green. and then he finished off the night with a "leathal weapon" which contains six liquors. poor kid. he is quite tall, and about as big-a-round as a tooth pick. and i wish i could blame it all on his brothers and girlfriend, but i definitely did my fair share of encouraging. it didnt seem like that many shots at the time because we sat there for 3+ hours. but at the end of the night, as were leaving the bar, he explains that its not just a paper, its a group project, and hes not even closed to finished and it was due this morning at 9:30am.

i am a horrible person. i blame dave and mike. but i can honestly say i am quite weary on when my future children become of age. i can only imagine what uncle patrick is going to teach them. God help us all.


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